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Carleton was a copywriter and creative director for several global advertising agencies working for some the most prestigious clients in the world. He then went to the client-side as head of marketing for several national and regional banks. He has been a consultant for over ten years, writing everything from sales sheets to corporate brochures, from press releases to annual reports, from newsletters to white papers, from executive speeches to corporate films.
Carleton is expert at communicating complex concepts clearly. He can write for every level of audience, from corporate executives to financial executives to line personnel to consumers, including engineers and technical decision-makers. He is especially knowledgeable in banking and financial services, and in all areas of high-technology, computers, software, even electronics and semiconductor technology, as well as aviation and aerospace.
Carleton draws upon significant experience in a broad range of communications disciplines working for a broad range of clients to produce clear, thoughtful, insightful communications to every level of audience. He thrives on tough communications challenges, especially writing about arcane subjects to either professional audiences or to lay audiences, being able to understand difficult topics but communicate about them in clear and compelling language.
San Francisco State University Film,

While at UCLA, Carleton took a number of film classes, in keeping with his life-long love of the movies, and after graduating from UC Berkeley, he entered San Francisco State to pursue a Master's decree in film. He interrupted that pursuit when he was hired as an advertising copywriter.

University of California, Berkeley Philosophy, BA

Carleton switched majors to philosophy while at UCLA, then transferred to Berkeley because the program was stronger there with some of the most esteemed philosophers in the world on the faculty. He graduated with a BA in philosophy from UC Berkeley.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Physics,

Carleton started his college career wanting to be a high-energy particle physicist. He earned straight-As in physics, chemistry, and math in high school, but somehow between the time he graduated and the time he arrived at UCLA, physics got really hard!

Honors and Awards
Best in the West Carleton won numerous awards during his advertising career, including several Best in the West Awards.

Association Memberships
Former President, Board of Directors, Marin History Museum

Former Member, Board of Directors, Marin Symphony Association

Former Chair, Board of Student Assistance, St. Andrew's Society of San Francisco

Insurance Producer License with Qualifications as Casualty Broker-Agent and Property Broker-Agent California Department of Insurance
This license will be become a Non-Resident California license as Carleton will now be receiving an Arizona Resident Producer License.

Projects by Industry

Carleton was principal writer for several major regional banks. Having run marketing for local, regional, and national financial institutions himself, he brought a unique perspective and insight to these assignments as a writer. He has written everything from small in-branch product flyers to complete brand advertising campaigns including integrated collateral, television and radio commercials, and print and outdoor advertising. He also wrote annual reports for a large bank for several years, including the introductory President's letter because, as the CEO said, "You write like I think." He has also written collateral materials, advertising, and white papers for regional accounting firms and law firms. And he has written brochures, advertising, websites, and executive presentations for two insurance clients specializing in the mortgage banking arena.

High Tech

With his facility in all areas of technology, Carleton developed a specialized division at one of his ad agencies, which delivered integrated communications programs to clients whose needs extended beyond traditional brand advertising. As executive director and lead writer for this group, he wrote everything from detailed product-launch kits for new video-recording products to comprehensive worldwide company-repositioning campaigns that included advertising, collateral, corporate films, executive speeches, and sales meetings. He has also written annual reports for software companies, semiconductor companies, and biotechnology companies.


Carleton is a licensed Property/Casualty Broker-Agent, and has been involved with two start-up insurance agencies to create everything from their brand identity and logo to their advertising, collateral, website, trade-show displays, sales presentations, and public relations. He has also written articles on risk management for various industry and business publications, and has written newsletters and white papers on insurance, risk, and financial management.

Projects by Asset Type

Carleton spent 25 years of his career working for global advertising agencies as a copywriter and creative director. He has created print ads and radio and television commercials for dozens of clients, including some of the most prestigious in the world in such areas as consumer electronics, high technology, packaged goods, aerospace, and financial services.

Annual Report

Carleton has written annual reports both as an agency writer and as a consultant. He was chosen for these assignments because of his ability to tell a broad corporate story that would communicate to the public, to shareholders, and to the financial industry, and to address intricate financial detail in a way that was technically accurate and legally compliant, but also clear, straightforward, and understandable. He has written such annual reports for various high- technology companies, software companies, and for financial institutions and banks.


Carleton has written articles in industry and trade publications about specialized topics in finance, insurance, risk management, and mortgage banking, and has had several articles published in business magazines on topics for a broader business audience.


Carleton has published two novels, both mysteries, one called CENOTE and other PRIMROSE, which are available on Amazon, and is in the middle of writing a third. He has also pitched several non-fiction book proposals to various clients to ghost-write books to serve as corporate-positioning tools or meta-PR vehicles, one of which is actively under consideration and will address the topic of genius both in our culture in general and in the world of business in particular.


Carleton has written brochures for a wide range of clients targeted to a broad range of audiences. Some were corporate-overview brochures that served to position the company within the market place and to differentiate it from its competitors. Others were product brochures that conveyed specific information on a particular product or service, often with some technical specifications or feature details, so that the reader could clearly understand what the product or service was, how it worked, and why it mattered. Still others were sales or presentation brochures that a sales person could use to walk a prospect through a pitch with the goal of closing the deal at the end.


Carleton has been a copywriter his whole career. He began as a junior copywriter at one of the largest ad agencies in the world, and eventually became a group creative director, then eventually moved to two other global agencies in similar executive creative roles. But even as a consultant, despite all the other communications disciplines within which he has worked over all these years, he remains at heart a copywriter, writing headlines and body copy for ads.

Data Sheet

Much of Carleton's career as a writer has been in the high-technology arena, and datasheets are the lifeblood of that industry. He has written datasheets for hardware and systems companies, for software and applications companies, and even for companies that manufacture semiconductors and companies that manufacture the equipment that manufacturers the semiconductors.

Direct Mail

At one time during his advertising career, Carleton was named creative director of the direct-response division of his ad agency. The founder of the division felt that Carleton had a "natural direct-mail writing style" that lent itself well to the discipline. Carleton wrote hundreds of direct-marketing vehicles, including direct-mail packages, direct-response ads, direct-response television commercials, and even direct-sales telephone scripts. As a consultant, Carleton has continued in this specialized area, having written direct-marketing programs for banks, healthcare organizations, non-profit groups, public utilities, and consumer-product companies.

Newsletter Content

Carleton has written newsletters often as part of integrated-communications programs in which the client needs to establish an additional, longer, more "personal" channel of communication to aid awareness, strengthen the relationship, and provide useful news and information.


Carleton has written and produced presentations for a wide variety of applications, from one-on-one sales calls to 1000-person executive meetings. He has worked with sales, marketing, and executive staffs in developing these presentations, and has employed PowerPoint, Persuasion, and other programs to display the content. He has also written executive speeches that were supported by corporate films, which he also wrote, that were presented over a several-day period to achieve integrated communications goals repositioning the company, presenting a new identity, and launching a new global advertising and marketing effort.

Press Release

Carleton has the ability to write in whatever style is appropriate to the application. So he can write awareness-building ad copy, sales-driving direct-response pieces, and motivation-creating presentations, but also information-giving public-relations releases. He has done this for a wide range of clients, from financial institutions to high-technology companies to non-profit organizations.

Radio Spot

Carleton has written and produced hundreds of radio commercials over his career and as a consultant, everything from highly promotional price-driven retail spots to evocative brand-building corporate spots.


Carleton has written and produced films and video projects for a variety of clients in a range of applications. He's developed corporate films that were used in sales meetings and trade shows, high-energy motivational films to launch new products, movingly persuasive films to raise funds for non-profits, documentary films that celebrate the careers of long-term employees, and even "video annual reports" that tell both a financial story and a business story via interviews with key executives and department leaders.


Carleton has worked closely with senior corporate executives to write speeches addressed to a variety of audiences, including senior staff, sales executives, employees, and shareholders. Some of these speeches were informational, but most were designed to motivate the audience to achieve new goals or undertake new initiatives or respond to new challenges or seize new opportunities. He has also written such speeches for leaders of non-profit organizations often speaking to civic or political groups or in public forums. The challenge of writing speeches like this is always to write in the speaker's voice and to understand the content and the intended audience well enough to make the speech credible, relevant, and professional. Carleton has been acknowledged by his clients to be particularly adept at this skill.

Web Page

Carleton has created or contributed to websites and web pages for financial institutions, technology companies, and non-profit organizations.

White Paper

Carleton's ability to understand, internalize, interpret, and communicate about complex subjects to a sophisticated and informed professional audience has led him to a number of assignments writing white papers for his clients. Sometimes these are published as PDFs and made available on client websites, and other times they have been designed and printed as hard-copy documents that have been mailed to clients, the press, and interested parties. As it is with writing executive speeches, the challenge of these communications is to be able to "absorb" the content and to understand the audience so as to be able to write a paper that is intelligent, original, cohesive, compelling, and technically rigorous. Carleton has the ability, experience, and discipline to execute these difficult projects successfully.

Technical Article

Carleton has written articles that have been published in industry journals that addressed often complex or advanced topics relevant to a professional audience. These topics included financial services, mortgage banking, real estate, risk management, insurance, and accounting.

Projects By Expertise

Most of Carleton's 35-year career has been as a copywriter, 25 years of it working for several global advertising agencies. He began his career as a copywriter and eventually became a group creative director in charge of significant creative teams and clients.

Creative Writer

Carleton has written two fiction books, both mysteries, one called CENOTE and the other called PRIMROSE, both of which are available on Amazon, and is in the middle of writing a third called EDEN.

Script Writer

Carleton has written several screenplays for feature-length motion pictures, which are on the market, but he has written as a professional dozens of scripts for corporate films, sales films, product-launch films, and trade-show films, not to mention the hundreds of scripts he has written for television and radio commercials. Script-writing is a wholly different process from writing print ads or brochures or any other compositional structure, demanding not only a concise narrative style, but also a facility with the technical processes of film and video production as the script serves as the basis for many other details of the production besides the words being spoken. Carleton has had a life-long love of the movies, and so seems to come naturally to cinematic structure. He took many film classes while at UCLA, and after he graduated from Berkeley, he was accepted into the Master's program in film at San Francisco State University. Even during his ad-agency days, he was often selected by his clients to write scripts for sales and corporate films because he was adept at longer-form narrative structures. As such, he has written films to reposition companies, to launch products, to introduce sales promotions, to teach about new technologies, to communicate financial results, to celebrate employees, and to raise funds for non-profit organizations.

Book Ghostwriter

Carleton has made proposals to several clients to ghost-write non-fiction books to be used as extra-corporate vehicles to build credibility for the CEO as a thought leader in his or her industry. One such proposal is under active consideration. This project would be a book written under the CEO's name discussing the topic of genius, which is highly relevant not only to his company, which is in biotechnology, but also to his experience as an entrepreneur. He has a particular point of view on this subject, which he has presented to his employees, but this book would elevate the conversation to a much wider general-business audience and would establish his bone fides as an expert in this area with a unique perspective, all of which would ultimately inure to the benefit of his company.

Projects by Writing Style

Carleton has written a number of white papers and product-launch kits that demanded an authoritative style, which in turn demanded the mastery of often arcane and complex technical details, the mastery of a particular lexicon familiar to the audience and necessary to establish credibility, and the ability to synthesize and internalize a great deal of information and then communicate it in an intelligent, articulate, insightful way. These same skills apply to his writing of annual reports, which he's done for banks and high-technology companies.


Carleton often employs a conversational style even in promotional writing, especially direct-response writing where such a style helps create an emotional and intellectual connection with the reader. Beyond that, some of the films he has written employ this style when, for example, the subject is employee recognition or company history when the objective is to establish a straightforward honesty and approachability.


Carleton's two novels are written in a quasi-humorous style, but the majority of his work in this technique has been in executive speeches, where humor is used very judiciously and appropriately, primarily to break the ice, to lighten a tone, or to create a certain approachability about the executive or the company. This is a fine line, and the humor must be relevant, apropos, and smart. Carleton was assigned by one client, however, to "write some jokes" for a sales meeting, in which case no such sensible criteria had to be met! Carleton's advertising writing, on the other hand, is often clever or witty or even humorous, as the idea often is to lead the reader to look at something in an entirely new way, to offer a fresh, unique perspective, or to think laterally.


Carleton has written feature articles that have been published in broad general-business magazines, as well as more specialized articles for industry and trade publications. These articles demanded a strict objective journalistic style and structure, as well as clear and comprehensive thinking, diligent research and interviewing, and a disciplined technique to fit the "voice" of the publication and the interests of the audience.


The majority of Carleton's work throughout his career has been "persuasive" writing, whether to create awareness for a company, build demand for a product, or close the deal at the point of sale. His expertise as a direct-response writer, and his former role as the creative director of the direct-marketing division of one of his ad agencies, means Carleton clearly understands the psychology of the communications process, how to establish rapport with the reader, and how to advance the message toward the desired conclusion. It is this level of understand that also led Carleton to be successful in writing fund-raising packages for various non-profit clients.

Projects by Company Size
Fortune 500

Carleton has written for some of the largest companies in the world with hundreds of thousands of employees. As a consequence, he has learned to navigate the complex organizational structures that exist within marketing, sales, and executive management, and has had the opportunity to work at every level of such companies, from C-level executives to marketing managers and line employees.

Large Business

Carleton has written advertising, collateral, direct-response vehicles, executive speeches, and corporate films for large companies, which display the same organizational complexity of Fortune 500 companies, but perhaps without the international market segments that often play a significant role in the bigger enterprises.

Medium Business

Most of Carleton's writing as a consultant has been for medium-sized businesses, which have often been national or regional companies in financial services, business services, insurance, health care, and emerging technologies.

Small Business

Carleton has written for companies as small as one employee, being hired to create complete brand identity and integrated marketing communications packages or to rebrand existing companies of more employees. He has also written for local and regional professional services businesses such as accounting firms, law firms, and insurance agencies, as well as for regional banks and financial institutions. Whether the company has one employee or one hundred thousand, Carleton approaches every project with the same objective of trying to create an effective, efficient communications solution that is right-sized to the client's needs, audience, timing, budget, and expectations.


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