The WriterAccess Word Test

Welcome to the WordTest. Test your puzzle-solving skills by rearranging the letters in WRITERACCESS to solve the clues below.

Clue Status Solved By
1. You might call someone unpredictable if you're thinking "fun," or call them…this…if you're thinking "PITA." (7 letters) solve now 58
2. You can do it with your glass or your hat, but only your boss can do it to you. (5 letters) solve now 90
3. Hey, somebody teach that guy how to move his eyeballs around, so he can stop doing this. (5 letters) solve now 93
4. You find this on your salad, but then what? Are you supposed to eat it or something? (10 letters) solve now 83
5. We put ourselves into it, we put it into us… but cats run away. (5 letters) solve now 101
6. He memorized the poem and now he wants to show off. (6 letters) solve now 78
7. You'll need lots of water to prepare this&hellip unless you're going to a wedding. (4 letters) solve now 72
8. I don't eat bugs…and if I did, I certainly wouldn't eat them this way. (3 letters) solve now 97
9. These come in both emotional and physical varieties… and you probably don't want either. (5 letters) solve now 66
10. Warning: don't try ironing this if it's part of your face. (6 letters) solve now 72
11. Gigs last a few weeks, jobs last a few years, but some things last a lifetime. (7 letters) solve now 80
12. Tasteless, lacking refinement…and rhymes with a donkey? (5 letters) solve now 78
13. If someone says you have this, that's a compliment. If they say you're half of this, that's an insult. (3 letters) solve now 78
14. The carpenter sneers at the weakness of a nail, then has a thought. (5 letters) solve now 60
15. Ants launch these, and so do we… but nobody's quite sure why. (4 letters) solve now 65
16. You'd better desist! I'm warning you—Yo, stop! (5 letters) solve now 76
17. A sheep gets cooler so I can get warmer. But how come mine has stripes—a sheep's not a zebra! (7 letters) solve now 72
18. Life goes up and down. So do kids. (6 letters) solve now 65
19. If you get it from someone else, you didn't do this. But if you make it yourself, this is what you've done. (6 letters) solve now 67
20. We used to ask this person for a cup of coffee, but now that might be considered sexist. (The word, not the coffee!) (8 letters) solve now 87
21. You can't stand this, so it sticks somewhere in you. (4 letters) solve now 67
22. With a capital letter, it's a particular place; but with a small letter, it's anyplace that feels like your freezer. (6 letters) solve now 67
23. What Nascar and Secretariat have in common. (4 letters) solve now 93
24. Traveling oranges don't mind these, but traveling dogs hate them. (5 letters) solve now 74
25. Some people don't recognize this; they take it literally when it's really just mockery. (6 letters) solve now 65
26. You could be playful, you could be sexually arousing… or you could comb your hair to look like a bad dust mop. (5 letters) solve now 64