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Bing Z

Translator #996

Profile Summary
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Native Language Chinese (Simplified)
Last Login 8/18/2016
Location Beijing, China
Education Bachelors Degree
Status Inactive
Summary of Experience
After graduating from the English Department of Beijing International studies University with BA degree, Bing had been working in various industries, including tourism and banking. In 2004 she became a Chinese language teacher did she found a career she could pursue her whole life. While teaching, she translates. She loves working with languages and words, and she can always achieve a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Bing thinks translation as a re-creation process in which faithfullness, expressiveness and elegance are the paramount goals that should be quest for.
Living an active life, Bing has a wide range of hobbies and interests. Reading, studying and taking physical exercise are keys to stay young at heart. Books about psychology and Buddhism intrigue her the most at present. 'Live and Learn' is the motto that encourages her to continuously learn new things, like foreign languages, dances and musical instruments. She also pays attention to current affairs, both overseas and domestic, through watching and listening to foreign media everyday. Traveling and exploring different cultures are what she is keen to do in the rest of her life. She lives, enjoys and benefits.
the Institute of Psychology, China Academy of Science Sep 2003 – Jul 2005
National professional certificate for Psychological Counselling
Beijing International Studies University Sep 1990 – Jul 1994
Bachelor of Art
Projects by Language
English (US) -> Chinese (Simplified)

English (UK) -> Chinese (Simplified)

As a Chinese language teacher, Bing is sometimes asked by her students to help translate materials covering general subjects and specialized areas, such as e-learning, energy, medicine, etc. Although some subjects were somewhat unfamiliar to her, she succeeded by using dictionaries and researching relevant knowledge and informations. She is willing to embrace new challenges and regards every challenge as a learning process.

Projects by Industry

Having worked in language instruction for over 10 years, Bing is familiar with the terminology of linguistics and teaching approaches.

Projects by Category

Bing has translated dozens of articles about a wide range of subjects both from English to Chinese and vice versa. In recent years, she became interested in translating psychological articles published in the UK magazine "psychologies". Since February, she has been a volunteer translator for a Chinese professional psychological website


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