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John R

Translator #944

Profile Summary
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Native Language English (US)
Last Login 9/10/2016
Location Hillsborough, USA
Education Doctorate
Status Available
Summary of Experience
John specializes in the history of East-Central Europe, and in the course of his academic work and training he has spent over three years living and studying in Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic. In the course of his studies, he has translated academic and scholarly work, technical material, and legal documents.
John is interested in social and political commentary, genre fiction, and writing. In his spare time, he likes to read, watch funny television, keep up on twitter. He lives in Hillsborough with his fiance and the floofiest, most adorable Siberian cat ever to live.
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Aug 2007 – Dec 2014
University of Miami Aug 2003 – Dec 2007
Research Qualification University of North Carolina
Dec 2009

Projects by Language
German -> English (US)

John began studying German fifteen years ago. In the interim, he spent a year studying at the University of Leipzig, received a B.A. in German Language and Literature, and went on to receive a doctorate in East-Central European history which drew heavily on German-language sources and secondary materials. He speaks, reads, and writes German fluently, is familiar with Fraktur, and has experience translating academic, every-day, technical, and legal documents.

Polish -> English (US)

Projects by Industry

John has spent almost ten years in higher education in a variety of capacities, and has translated materials for pedagogical purposes, for class discussions, and for personal use in the German system of higher education. He offers rapid, accurate, and useful translation for all of your educational translation needs.

Projects by Category

John has translated a wide range of scholarly materials, from book chapters to articles to academic papers, and disposes of substantial skill in translating complex argumentation without losing meaning or tone. He has specialized expertise in translating documents concerned with military affairs, economics, business and technology, and philosophy.

Projects By Specialty

John specializes in translations which reflect the original faithfully, not only in meaning but also in tone and register. In so doing, he applies his deep familiarity with language to render texts in German completely legible to English-speaking audiences as it was intended to be understood originally.


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