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James K

Translator #925

Profile Summary
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Native Language English (US)
Last Login 3/13/2016
Location Imperial Beach, United States
Education Masters Degree
Status Inactive
Summary of Experience
James has translated for the US Army and US Air Force. The interpreter/translator is primarily responsible for interpreting and preparing translations between English and Spanish. Job duties include: Prepare nontechnical translations into the target language and perform sight translations from a Spanish into English; Assist military contracting officers with local purchases; Provide interpretation support at military traffic control points and local media events.
Socializing with friends and family, watching TV (BBC and Discovery Channel and historical documentaries), playing football on a weekly basis, reading fiction murder mysteries, fishing on a regular basis and computing (creating and designing secured Wi-Fi networks).
Touro University Jun 2010 – Dec 2014
American Military University Dec 2007 – Mar 2010
MA Military History- Special Warefare
Cal States Hayward Jun 1990 – Mar 1992
TOEIC Educational Testing Service
Jul 2009
an English language test designed specifically to measure the everyday English skills of people working in an international environment

Projects by Language
Spanish (South America) -> English (US)

Projects by Industry

Set a Policy for a multi-national IT company in the following:
A policy is typically a document that outlines specific requirements or rules that must be met. In the information/network security realm, policies are usually point-specific, covering a single area. For example, an "Acceptable Use" policy would cover the rules and regulations for appropriate use of the computing facilities.

Projects by Category

Process in translating English to Spanish HR Manuals.
In short I have worked with manual helps you to establish robust structure and a basic set rules that you will use to manage your people on a day to day basis.
This is important because using a structured approach from day one will help you to ensure:
• that: you meet your basic legal obligations
• that you help your people managers to make consistent and reliable decisions – this promotes a culture of fairness
• that you have established a clear understanding of expectations, rules and consequences
• that you welcome and introduce your employees to your business and their new job

Projects By Specialty

What We Do

We provide comprehensive acquisition, contracting, business advisory, production support, and depot-level maintenance services in acquiring, fielding, and sustaining TACOM LCMC systems and supporting requirements. We also provide service as the Command's Competition Advocate and the Command's Ombudsperson. We ensure that the best products and services reach our soldiers when they need it, while ensuring fair opportunity for industry, including small businesses and obtaining the best value for our Army.

We procure research and development, systems, repair parts and services for:


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