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Luis B

Translator #845

Profile Summary
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Native Language Spanish (EU)
Last Login 8/12/2016
Location Azuqueca de Henares, Spain
Education Doctorate
Status Inactive
Summary of Experience
Luis Bravo has been related to the English language and translation for almost twenty years. He got his English degree in 2001 and his English PhD a couple of years later. After lots of teaching and linguistic and research work, he took the step and specialized in translation, labor that he has been undertaking hard since 2013, working for companies such as Voyage Translation or Translated, where he has translated a big deal of texts such as letters, résumés, powers of attorney, surveys, contracts, or documents for prestigious companies like Telefonica, Estrella Galicia or Gas Natural. He has also worked for prestigious colleges like the Univeristy of Granada (Spain) translating studies on Medieval History. He also has deep mastery and experience with CAT tools such as Trados, Wordbee or MateCat. Besides, Luis has recently started a Master's Degree in Audiovisual Translation.
Luis Bravo has great passion for contemporary literature and authors such as Toni Morrison, Nick Hornby or Thomas Pynchon. He is also a huge cinema lover, watching tons of movies each week. He specially likes independent social cinema. He is also deeply interested in pop art culture. Finally, he is a huge fan of NBA basketball and European football.
University of Huelva Oct 1997 – Sep 2001
Spanish Society of Modern Languages SELM

Audiovisual Translation ISTRAD

English Studies University of Huelva

Projects by Language
English (US) -> Spanish (EU)

English (UK) -> Spanish (EU)

Luis has undertaken numerous projects in this pair, from agreements of all kinds to letters, surveys, certificates, powers, or statutes, many of them using tools such as Wordbee or MateCat.

Projects by Industry

Luis has translated numerous contracts, agreements, powers of attorney, etc while working for Voyage Translations.

Projects by Category

Luis has translated numerous leaflets, brochures and other advertising material for different companies. Lately, he has been translating the periodical bulletin of the Spanish beer company Estrella Galicia.

Projects By Specialty

Luis has been also translating from Spanish to English. Recently, he has been working in the translation of a volume for the Department of Medieval History of the University of Granada (Spain).


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