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Flavia S

Translator #781

Profile Summary
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Native Language Spanish (South America)
Last Login 6/29/2016
Location Montevideo, Uruguay
Education High School
Status Inactive
Summary of Experience
Flavia has been working as a freelance translator for over a decade in the English>Spanish pair. She founded her own company (Scaylabs) and specializes in the fields she loves the most: gaming and media.
Flavia is also a Voice Over Artist and loves recording both in English and Spanish. Reading on her kindle, playing video games and singing are a few of her many hobbies.
Cambridge University Proficiency in English
Crandon Bachellor
Proficiency in English Cambridge University
Dec 2000

Projects by Language
English (US) -> Spanish (South America)

Flavia has been translating from English into Spanish for over a decade and specializes in gaming, media (TV and films) and marketing content. Her whole family is bilingual and her brother lives in the US, so she's constantly in touch with both the language and the culture.

Projects by Industry

Flavia is one of the main translators for one of the biggest IT security companies in the world, translating their news, updates and whitepapers. She has plenty of experience working with subjects like DDoS attacks, DNS, domain names and threats.


Flavia has a passion for video games and has translated many games, including RPGs, MMORPGs and smaller flash games like adventures and hidden object games. She specializes in both translating scripts and descriptions with keywords (with SEO research) to be used in online portals or mobile stores.


Flavia translates subtitles for TV series and movies on weekly basis. She can creatively change the tone of the content according to the source, be it a TV shop about the latest UK soccer players or an animated series for children.

Projects by Category

Flavia has translated over a hundred subtitles for some of the main online TV networks. She has many years of experience dealing with different client specifications, reading times and character restrictions, perfectly balancing accuracy, tone and length.

Web Page

Flavia has plenty of experience translating web content for different sites, ranging from IT to gaming, internet security news to game descriptions for the Apple and Android stores. She specializes in IT, Gaming, Media and Marketing content.

Projects By Specialty

In the last decade, Flavia specialized in translating creative content, where literal translations just won't do. She stands out from the rest by being immersed in both her native and the US culture, allowing her to perfectly understand the nuances of the source and create equally attractive content in the target language.


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