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Mariana G

Translator #609

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Native Language Spanish (South America)
Last Login 7/26/2016
Location Caba, Argentina
Education Doctorate
Status Inactive
Summary of Experience
As a both a trained linguist and mechanical technician, translation is the profession where Mariana studies knowledge and interests converged for use in real world applications. She worked for a number of years in the research center of a major Brazilian university while simultaneously attending university studies. She earned a degree in Portuguese language and followed with studies of Spanish.

Combining her two backgrounds, she started translating texts on mechanics, metallurgy and work safety and later, casting, mining, corrosion and welding.

Her work experience includes translation projects for the oil and gas, defense, satellite equipment and pharmaceutical industries plus precision measurement, work safety, logistics and transportation and travel.

In recent years Mariana pursued studies in economic and social development, technology and government and is currently writing her Master's degree in Science and Technology policies. This involves the subjects of technological change, innovation, technology management, quality certification and other topics related to public policies for development. With extensive research and studies done in both Spanish and English, Mariana has acquired considerable knowledge of these areas current trends, issues and terminologies.

What sets Mariana apart as a translator is a highly developed research capacity and thorough knowledge of languages combined with "hands on" technical training and experience. As added value, she has and continues to live a multilingual life in both North and South America living, working and studying in Spanish, English and Portuguese.
Mariana has been working with clay since she was a child, she has won a few awards for with ceramic pieces. She is interested in Arts, Architecture, Urbanism, Science & Technology and Politics. Mariana is an intuitive cook and gardener.
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Mar 1991 – Aug 1997
Projects by Language
English (US) -> Spanish (South America)

Projects by Industry

Public policies for development, R&D, Science & Technology.

Green Living

Translation of magazine articles.


Science communication to the general public.

Projects by Category

Mariana has translated research papers and magazine articles for a variety of fields, including Medical, Environment, Development, Public Policies, as well as other public communication.

Blog Post

Communication of transit department actions.

Projects By Specialty

Mariana has participated in a large number of projects throughout the years.


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