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Anna K

Translator #588

Profile Summary
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Native Language Russian
Last Login 3/14/2016
Location Moscow, Russia
Education High School
Status Inactive
Summary of Experience
Anna is a highly experienced translator and writer, Russian native speaker with a 10-year experience in using English as a tool for professional communication. With a BA in Teaching English, she upgraded her skills to be a certified professional translator at the Moscow Institute of Linguistics, and since 2010, she has been a part-time freelance translator at the translation agency translating text from English into Russian and from Russian into English in IT-marketing and public affairs and other topics for the clients like Cisco, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia etc.

She worked as a copywriter for 5 years did some editor and proof-reader job, wrote various types of commercial texts, mostly for the websites, advertising and PR. Both in Russian and in English. That's why she is good at creative translation.
Anna is an experienced and passionate traveller. She's been to more than 20 countries of Europe, Asia and North America. She always plans her trips herself being very good at booking hotels, tickets, apartments and finding the best bargains.
Anna reads a lot of fiction, mostly modern novels. She adores Strugatsky brothers, Dostoevsky, Nabokov.
Anna is a runner and a sport-fan in general.
She also likes to cook, especially Italian dishes.
Moscow Institute of Linguistics Feb 2009 – Dec 2009
Kuzbass State Pedagogical Academy Sep 2000 – May 2005
Projects by Language
English (UK) -> Russian

Anna has been translating texts from English into Russian for 6 years. As she also workd as a copywriter in Russian, she is very good at building well-structured and logical sentences in Russian with a natural language flow.

Projects by Industry

Anna has a vast experience in translating texts about network technologies for Cisco. She is married to the Senior Network Engineer so she is pretty much aware of the topic :)


Anna has translated some texts about high technologies in entertainment. She has also translated short texts about cultural events in Moscow for the Moscow Expat Site for 3,5 years.


Anna has translated texts about hi-technologies in medicine (press releases for Cisco). She has also translated a catalogue of the special equipment for people with special needs and children with CP manufactured by Fumagalli.

Projects by Category
Press Release

Anna has translated lots of press releases for Cisco and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

Blog Post

Anna has translated some blogs for Cisco.


Anna has some experience in advertisement.

Projects By Specialty

Anna has translated numerous texts from English into Russian and backwards providing an accurate translations with a natural language flow and attention to details.


As a copywriter Anna has developed and upgraded a transcreation skill in a highly professional way. She re-writes texts while translating to reach the best marketing effect and fit the content into local reality. She has translated product descriptions for and IT-related texts (mostly blogs and press releases) for Cisco.


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