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Native Language Spanish (EU)
Last Login 8/12/2016
Location Granada, Spain
Education Masters Degree
Status Inactive
Summary of Experience
Álvaro is a senior lawyer-linguist with 10 years of legal practice, a part-time professor with several years of experience teaching Spanish Philology at the Katowice University and an economics graduate from the LSE (UK). Given that background, he specializes in legal, marketing and business-related texts.

He has 8 years of translation experience and has worked for very high-profile clients.
Álvaro is widely read in a variety of areas, has written two books and is very keen on correct grammar and style.
Facultad de Derecho de Granada Oct 1993 – Dec 1999
M.A. in LAW
London School of Economics Oct 1993 – Jun 1997
B.Sc. in Economics
Proz PRO
Feb 2015

Projects by Language
English (US) -> Spanish (EU)

7 years

English (UK) -> Spanish (EU)

Projects by Industry

These are some of the legal documents Alvaro has translated: license agreements, maintenance support agreements, software integration agreements, distribution agreements, treasury agreements, intercompany research and development cost allocation agreements, services and general assistance contracts, product supply agreements, service agreements, general distribution agreements, exclusive distribution agreements, lease agreements, marketing agreements, terms and conditions, privacy policies, draft contracts, corporate compliance policies, employment contracts, lawsuits, purchase agreements, official reports, specifications, patent applications, law firms websites, claims, powers of attorney, notices of termination, employee handbooks, exclusive right to sell agreements, non-exclusive right to sell agreements, certifications, land registrars' certificates, reservation and marketing agreements, user agreements, prevention of occupational hazards policies, etc.


He translates and edits academic articles, newspaper articles, books (fiction and nonfiction), catalogues, reports, brochures, flyers, websites, adverts and personal documents, and he has plenty of experience in the transcreation field and translating marketing texts.

Projects by Category

More than 50 contracts

Web Page

7 years of experience.


7 years of experience

Product Description

Álvaro has translated products' descriptions for many different companies.


7 years of experience.

Projects By Specialty

Marketing and literature


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