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Native Language Chinese (Simplified)
Last Login 3/22/2016
Location Yantai, China PRC
Education Masters Degree
Status Inactive
Summary of Experience
After receiving lots of positive feedback on his first book translation (publication date 2005), Lifeng worked in-house for a Shanghai language agency. With more and more happy global clients from a broad spectrum of industries, he became a freelance translator in 2011.
The book bug. Lifeng reads a lot in both his source and target languages.
Tongji University Sep 2002 – Mar 2005
Proz PRO
Mar 2014

Projects by Language
English (US) -> Chinese (Simplified)

Lifeng provides high quality TEP service. All my projects, even a 'translation only task', will contain:

1. Meticulous terminology research;
2. Translation;
3. Bilingual review;
4. Monolingual proofreading.

Step 1 eliminate any possibility of serious errors. Step 3 & 4 ensure we don't have any minor errors.

DTP or html publishing may introduce new errors. So if the project requires those processing, he can check these formats, mark all errors in PDF notes and sending those back to PM.

He will follow up until everything from your side is satisfying.

English (UK) -> Chinese (Simplified)

Projects by Industry

Fabric technology;
Fashion survey & trend forcasting;
Stories about talented young fashion designer;
Marketing text introducing fashion boutiques from all over the world;
Press release articles about textile industry events, hosted in Italy & French;
Contents from fashion e-commerce website, which are descriptions about all kinds of ready-to-wear & accessories.


Existing clients are U.S., Italian & Swedish car and vehicle manufactures. Lifeng has translated specification documents, marketing texts and operation manuals for these clients.


He has been translating for clients such as Standard & Poor's, and PwC. He is a contrarian investor who put his own money in equity & precious metal. So he is not just a regular translator but a subject matter expert who actually understands finance industry.

Projects by Category
Press Release

Lifeng has translated press release for clients such as Business Wire & Chrysler. When collecting feedback from clients, he always received positive ones. Two things he is very good at: target language competency and meticulous terminology research, which are both crucial for high quality translation.


Lifeng has translated a brochure for a Dutch luxury yacht company, an operation manual for an Italian vehicle manufacturer and magazine content for a French/Italian fashion magazine group.


Lifeng has translated a book written by an New York Times journalist. The book was about U.S. automobile industry. He received positive feedback upon publication.


Lifeng has translated many articles for the following specializations:

Construction / Civil Engineering
Marketing / Market Research
Petroleum Eng/Sci
Ships, Sailing, Maritime
Textiles / Clothing / Fashion

Projects By Specialty

Lifeng has translated and proofed over 1 million high quality words in various industries. Existing clients are all happy with his work.


In large projects, with many translators and editors working together, Lifeng usually works as a reviser, correcting errors made by translators, thus ensuring the whole project to be a high quality one.


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