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Kristin S

Translator #2024

Profile Summary
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Native Language English (US)
Last Login 10/6/2016
Location Fargo, USA
Education Bachelors Degree
Status Available
Summary of Experience
Kristin received degrees in Russian studies and chemistry and then went on to live in Russia for over four years. After gaining valuable experience working as a technical writer, newspaper copy editor, legal document editor, and editor of Russian scientific journals, she fulfilled a long-time goal by receiving a Certificate in Translation Studies from the University of Chicago and setting up shop as a freelance Russian-to-English translator. She specializes in legal, business, technical, and marketing translations.
Kristin is an avid gardener and cultivates several heirloom varieties brought from Eastern Europe as well as American classics. She and her family make travel a priority, whether visiting the magnificent cities of Europe or camping in America's beautiful parks. In their spare time, she and her spouse have been gradually restoring their 1904-era home to (better than) its original glory by recreating the original woodwork and adding all the outlets, insulation, and storage that a 21st-century family needs. She can frequently be found watching her daughters performing in local theater productions, amazed that they somehow ended up with an acting gene that she is so utterly lacking. Oh, she also finds the time to edit and publish her neighborhood association's quarterly newsletter.
University of Chicago Sep 2006 – Sep 2009
Certificate in Translation Studies
University of North Dakota Aug 1988 – Aug 1994
BS in Chemistry
St. Petersburg Mining Institute Sep 1993 – Jun 1994
One year of study
University of North Dakota Aug 1988 – May 1993
BA in Russian Studies
Certificate in Translation Studies University of Chicago
Oct 2009
This certification from the University of Chicago focused on business and legal translation as well as current translation memory software. The classes were taught by translation professionals that are well-known in our field and were all invaluable.

Projects by Language
Russian -> English (US)

A native English (US) speaker, Kristin studied and then worked in Russia for a total of over four years from 1993-99. Now based in the US, she has visited Russia and Ukraine frequently over the years. She works for several Russian and Ukrainian translation agencies as a translation editor, and maintains a freelance translation business in the US.

Projects by Industry

Kristin is an expert in legal translations with experience in contracts, court rulings, legislation, and the many different types of business documents that are translated for court cases. She maintains an extensive database of legal texts and dictionaries to use as reference materials.


Kristin has translated the documentation for a number of commercial lending transactions and for the nascent Russian securities industry. She recently handled a very large project related to the Russian depository system.


Kristin has been a science geek all her life and has the chemistry degree with a math minor to prove it. She always loves being able to combine her passion for Russian with her love of science to translate technical texts. She has tackled topics ranging from many branches of chemistry and physics to the oil and gas industry and much more.


Russian>English marketing translations often require adapting Russian websites to an English-speaking audience. Besides just translating, Kristin also considers trimming down the often wordy Russian to sound bites more realistic for the American attention span, adjusting the sometimes insular Russian to the diverse US audience, and adding a sprinkling of modern marketing jargon to make the texts more entertaining and accessible.

Projects by Category

Kristin has translated over 100 articles for a leading Russian internet news source. The articles covered a wide variety of topics, including current events, foreign policy, tourism, cooking, art, literature, and the Sochi Olympic games.

Email Copy

Kristin has translated numerous business emails from major corporations that are then used, she surmises, as discovery for court cases. These private emails frequently involve industry-specific jargon and terminology as well as technical language and a fair amount of modern Russian slang.


Kristin has helped over 10 Russian companies translate their websites into English. Being aware that a website has to sound fresh and hip, she works closely with the Russian clients to massage their Russian text into a message that will click with American visitors. Business is global! There are more Russian businesses than you would think that are successfully marketing their products to a Western audience and who understand how incredibly important it is to have an excellent English translation that has been properly localized.

Annual Report

There are some Russian companies interested in sustainable development! For several years Kristin has helped edit the sustainable development report of a major Russian oil and gas company. Their goal has been to make their company not just a SD model in Russia, but to gain international recognition for the efforts they have made in Corporate Sustainable Reporting. As such, we endeavored to make the report sound as if it could have been issued by a Western company.

Projects By Specialty

Kristin combines her passion for all things Russian along with a love of her native language to produce a translation that doesn't sound like a "translation", but rather like it was written originally in English. She excels at doing all the research necessary to master the vocabulary of any industry to produce a well-crafted translation.


Over the past few years Kristin has come to the realization that when clients think they need a translation, often what they really are after is transediting, which can be defined as consciously deviating from a source text in order to express the meaning better in the target language. When any text can be posted to the internet, instantly available to millions of discerning tastes, it is vital that a translator not just relay the original content, but also shape it for the intended audience. With transediting, communication between the client and translator (transeditor) becomes more important than ever. Once a clear goal has been established for a text, Kristin then moves forward to express the original Russian in English, and reworks or edits it to match the client's expectations.


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