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Barbara Stewart has always had a proficiency in languages, especially Spanish. She lived in Colombia for 3 years, and has spent her career being a Spanish and Portuguese language cataloger Librarian. She has translated many web pages and articles in her career.


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Language Projects

  • Spanish (EU) to English (US)1

Summary of Language Experience

Spanish (EU) to English (US)

Barbara Stewart has been translating articles and giving presentations for the past 30 years. She is very adept at translating Spanish, and is fair to good with Portuguese translations.

Industry Projects

  • Education50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Barbara has frequently written to vendors in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America concerning books and magazines received by the Acquisitions Department in the Library of the University of Massachusetts. She has written many claim letters asking for materials to be sent that were already purchased.

Product Projects

  • Article20+

Summary of Product Experience


Barbara has translated approximately 30 articles during her long career as a librarian and local journalist. She taught English for a while to business people in Colombia, South America.