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Native Language Spanish (South America)
Last Login 6/22/2016
Location Tequisquiapan, México
Education Masters Degree
Status Inactive
Summary of Experience
After moving to Tequisquiapan 7 years ago, surrounded by the tranquility of the golf court and the countryside’s nature, she dedicated herself to her passion in life: words! Taking advantage of her multicultural formation and language studies she contributes to this global world by re-encoding the meaning of the messages in Spanish. With a client base of over 30 direct clients she has worked for several Fortune 500 companies always delivering her translations in the expected timeframe and quality.
Felisa is an avid reader, fascinated by learning new things, which is something she loves about translations. She enjoys taking long walks accompanied by her husband and their lovable pet, a dachshund called Gussi.
Ashridge Management College / Business School, Berkhamsted, UK Jan 1995 – Dec 1995
Marketing “International Programme 2795”
Universidad Anáhuac del Norte, Mexico City Jan 1989 – Dec 1990
Postgraduate Marketing Studies
Colegio Alemán Alexander von Humboldt, Mexico City Jan 1976 – Dec 1979
Kultusministerkonferenz, Bonn, Germany Jan 1973 – Dec 1979
Deutsches Sprachdiplom I & II Stufe
Projects by Language
English (US) -> Spanish (South America)

Felisa is Mexican, so her native language is Spanish. She studied English since she was 4 years old at the German School in Mexico City and finished her postgraduate studies at Ashridge Management College in UK, so English is a language in which she has full professional proficiency, which would be equivalent to C2 Cambridge ESOL CPE or IELTS 9.

Her translations include a variety of different subjects and disciplines from medical books to historical novel. From training manuals and sales brochures to legal contracts and clinical studies. During this time, she has translated different legal contracts, price changes, tenders for the oil industry, product monographs, catalogs, brochures as well as training and marketing presentations; and screenplays, operating manuals, advertising and promotional materials.

German -> Spanish (South America)

Felisa studied at the German school in Mexico and her father was German. She has two proficiency certificates issued by the Ministry of Culture in Bonn, Germany [Sprachdiplom Erste Stufe & Sprachdiplom Zweite Stufe.

She has a solid background in marketing with 30 years’ experience in commercial and administrative areas having worked more than 20 years in pharmaceutical marketing.

Her translations include a variety of different subjects and disciplines from medical books to historical novels, including legal, financial, commercial, advertising material and product dossiers for product registration, technical manuals, among others.

Projects by Industry

After graduating from Ashridge Management College, Felisa started her long lasting career in pharmaceutical marketing working for renowned pharmaceutical companies such as: Bayer, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi-Aventis.
She still continues to work for this industry translating a great number of articles, clinical studies, brochures and product monographs due to her experience of over 20 years in this field.
On the other hand she has also translated 4 books about medicine form German to Spanish.


Felisa has experience in the translation of financial and banking terminology as she has been in charge of HSBC translations for the past 2 years, as well as the compliance manuals for Magna.


Thanks to her 30 years’ experience in commercial and administrative areas, she has frequently been assigned to the translation of different projects from English and German to Spanish. Her Bachelor’s degree is actually in Business Administration endorsed by the Nordrhein Westfallen University in Germany.


Felisa’s postgraduate studies are in marketing and she has 22 years’ experience in this field, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry.


For more than 2 years, Felisa worked as Chief International Hostess for luxury cruise liners. Her main duties on board were the written translations of the daily events and information brochures as well as the simultaneous interpretations of conferences.
Amongst her most memorable simultaneous interpretations she counts with the simultaneous interpretation for President Jimmy Carter of an onboard lecture during the CEO’s cruise. The simultaneous interpretation for Dr. Carl Sagan about his lectures of the Halley comet during a world cruise following the trajectory of this comet, as well as a fashion show presentation for Mr. Blackwell.
For the past 3 years she has been in charge of the translations for Best Western international hotels over the world.

Projects by Category

Felisa has translated more than 50 brochures about hardware, appliances, cosmetics, cleaning and pharmaceutical products for companies such as Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Samsung; Little Shop of Translations in Belgium; RedKey Translations and Prolangua in Germany; Ginsana, Zeller, Galderma, Sanofi Aventis, Sanofi Pasteur, Lundbeck and Pfizer among others.


Felisa has extensively worked for different advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, Integer Shopper Marketing, part of Terán TBWA advertising group, Leo Burnett, Oveja Negra Loewe and Richards / Lerma translating a variety of advertising materials for their clients.


Felisa has translated a whole series of training materials for A.C. Nielsen for their implementation in all Spanish speaking countries. She was also in charge of the translation of the educational program for the Government of Ecuador.


Felisa has translated books on medicine from German to English "The Cranial Nerves" Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, “Das system der 5 biologischen Naturgesetze” Band 1 und Band 2 by David Münnich. Italian to Spanish "Manuale di applicazione delle Cinque Leggi Biologiche" Marcus Pfister and also a book about religion “Jesus The Man” by Barbara Thiering.


Felisa has been in charge of the translation of several product catalogs for the automotive industry. She has worked for Chrysler, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Tesla, Jeep and Daimler (Mercedes Benz) amongst others.

White Paper

Thanks to her solid background in marketing with over 30 years’ experience in commercial and administrative areas, 20 of which were in pharmaceutical marketing, she has translated a vast amount of clinical studies and medical papers for the pharmaceutical industry including publications of the New England Journal of Medicine and pharmaceutical product dossiers for their submission and approval by the FDA.

Product Description

During her translation years, Felisa has translated lots of products descriptions. Some of which have been in the technical field, such as thermoforming machines, acoustical and thermodynamical solutions for the automotive and industrial markets, biogas systems, thermal oxidizers, wet electrostatic precipitators, biosolids reduction, general finishing and conveyor systems.
Due to increase of Mexico’s activity in the industrial sector these translation have been both from English to Spanish as well as from German to Spanish.

Projects By Specialty

Felisa was fortunate have a multicultural education and training. Since she was a little girl, she spent her summer holidays in Europe visiting her grandparents. These trips included different destinations every time, which led her to become very interested in different cultures and languages.
She also traveled widely due to her professional studies and during her career years. She is a true believer that there is no better way to understand the culture of a country, than to speak their language, thus we can understand its inhabitants.
At that time, she learned a bit of Portuguese, Italian, French and even Greek.
However, she offers her professional translation services only in Spanish, English and German, as those are the languages she studied formally.
In her opinion, professional translators should always translate into their native language or into a language, they command as their own. In this way, they have full control of idiomatic expressions and they can easily make sense of any document, conveying the right message, in the right way to the target audience.


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