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Magali C

Translator #1103

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Native Language French (EU)
Last Login 5/27/2016
Location PLEINE-FOUGERES, France
Education Masters Degree
Status Inactive
Summary of Experience
After receiving her bachelor degree in English language from University of Rennes 2 (Brittany/ France) in 1996, Magali worked as a French assistant in the Henley College in England. There, she continued her studies in English and passed the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English.

Back in France, she worked as a Personal Assistant/ English trainer/ Translator in a Japanese company specialized in manufacturing car compressors. There, she was in charge of translating technical and corporate documents.

As she really enjoyed teaching, she then worked in a Business school as a English Trainer for 2-3 year post A-level students specializing in Business, small and medium sized firms and data processing. She worked on and translated business and administrative documents and managed E-learning platforms getting in touch with language of the media.

Passionate about translating, she then set up her own company as a Freelance Translator English to French in September 2014. Since then, she has been working with many companies translating content in general, technical, literary and business English. She is particularly professional and accurate and her style is fluid and precise. But most of all, the customers' satisfaction is of the utmost importance to her.
Magali devotes part of her time helping people in need. She has recently joined the fire brigade of her town as a volunteer and is at the moment undergoing a training to be operational in the shortest time.

She also enjoys reading, going to the cinema and looks after her two children with whom she loves sharing activities (swimming, walking...). Magali also has a passion for pets and she and her family own a cat and a dog.
Université de Rennes 2- Haute-Bretagne Sep 1996 – Jun 1998
Master's Degree
Proz PRO
Sep 2014

Projects by Language
English (UK) -> French (EU)

Projects by Industry

Magali is very much interested in human relationships and is keen to understand how people are linked and the way it works according to the situations. Humanity represents something important in her life. Apart from political books and trial testimonies, she has really loved translating internet articles.


Business is part of Magali's industries in translations. Thanks to her professional experience as a PA and English trainer/ Translator, she has been assigned many tasks referring to sales agreements, corporate brochures, instruction manuals and description of products.

As a freelance translator, she translated sales contracts and commercial guides.

Projects by Category

Since September 2015, Magali has translated 4 important books dealing with the current political situation in Iran. Her employer is the National Council of Resistance of Iran strongly committed in defending democracy and people's rights and freedom. A fulfilling experience to her.


Magali has translated an important amount of daily articles published on the internet and dealing with advice on health, gardening, welfare.

She has really appreciated these missions. She directly translated these articles on the employer's site making therefore difficult to provide any sample. Sorry


Magali was assigned the translation of trial testimonies from English company. The style was general and unformal but had to stick to the personality of the speaker. The result required fluidity and accuracy. She got to know basic terminology in Law for the presentation of the testimony.


Magali has translated commercial brochures either dealing with company's presentation or commercial guides to improve sales. This translating experience required much research in technical terminology corresponding to the industry. Clients were very demanding and the result had to perfect.

Projects By Specialty

During the 15 past years, Magali has been distinguishing herself as a translator thanks to her professional commitment in companies (whether schools or firms)and her high-quality performance in freelance. She has acquired and diversified her translating skills throughout her work experience making herself a trustworhty and accurate professional translator.


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