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The Writing Style Guide defines your goals, specifications and requirements for writing assignments. You answer questions that writers need to know about your brand and goals. The wizard generates a PDF that you can share with anyone, anytime. Best of all, it's free! What is a Writing Style guide?

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1 of 6: Brand Information

Select from the list, choose Other if needed.

Which of the following represents your current market position:

Briefly describe what your company does and the value proposition your products/services. (Limit to around 300 words.)

Briefly describe your company's brand position. (Try to limit to around 150 words. Example: Besides selling affordable life insurance, we bring prosperity and peace of mind to customers. And we recognize customers as individuals, listening to their needs with empathy to their circumstances.)


2 of 6: Target Audience

Scale the proficiency level of your readership.
  Low High
Industry Knowledge
Product/Service Knowledge
Education Level

Scale your target audience on these qualities.
Know It All Undereducated
Formal Festive
Fearful Fearless
Skeptical Optimist

Select an image and then offer a description for that customer or readers persona.


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3 of 6: Tone of Voice

Scale the style and tone that would resonate well with readers and customers.
Authoritative Informative
Academic Friendly
Static Dramatic
Extremely Straight Forward Compelling
To the Point and Dry Animated
Feed the Brain Touch the Heart
Active Passive
Personal Objective

Which of the following American Idol judges would best represent your company's personality? (You may select more than one.)

Less Like This More Like This


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4 of 6: Style of Writing

Which of the following would align with your brand position:

For blog writing, which of the following would align with your goals:

Which of the following writing styles could be sliced into your content?
  Light Medium Heavy
Current Events
Secrets, Hints and Tips
Makes you say "Ah Ha"
Makes you Smile


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5 of 6: Requirements

Explain any restrictions, legal requirements or key business guidelines.

Provide keywords and phrases for search engine optimization. (Please separate keywords by comma.)


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6 of 6: Goals and Objectives

Explain any goals and main objectives for writing assignments. (Engage readers, increase readership, increase traffic or more.)


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