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Writer #3963
Manheim, PA
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8/24/2011 10/26/2016 3,080 95
Jennifer T. writes brief motivational essays and study guides based on scripture for women, children and teens. Her other works include "how to" articles comparing world religions, describing angels and discussing the Christian worldview. She...

Writer #4258
Hyattsville, MD
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10/15/2011 10/27/2016 3,619 190
Jessica has worked for over two years in an office that deals exclusively with interreligious relationships, and has written for Patheos.com with requests for follow up articles. Academically, she has taken university courses on Christian theology...

Writer #3732
Lynnwood, WA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
7/18/2011 10/27/2016 4,464 237
Dena has written spiritual content in the form of books, brochures and also web content for churches and healers. The books she has written have been related to spiritual topics including "Spiritual Growth with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques.)"...

Writer #6306
Post Falls, ID
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
12/1/2012 10/26/2016 1,222 37
Joe B. doesn't know why strange and wonderful things occur in this world, but enjoys talking to many people who believe they do. Hearing these diverse opinions helps in his spiritual path, and also helps him learn ways to better explain basic...

Writer #2729
Miami Beach, FL
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
3/23/2011 10/26/2016 334 5
Steven's life is devoted to spiritual attainment and inner peace. He is extremely fortunate - throughout his life he has studied under wise, loving and highly evolved meditation teachers. As a volunteer, Steven taught healing meditation at The...

Writer #2242
Tucson, AZ
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
12/31/2010 10/26/2016 2,896 152
Meditation, yoga and singing-bowl cleansing are part of Ryn's regular routine, and she enjoys exploring other methods of enhancing spirituality while we're stuck here on Earth. She has written a number of freelance articles concerning the spiritual...

Writer #10723
Napa, CA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
11/2/2014 10/26/2016 901 5
Laura is fascinated with dream work, shadow work, breath work, symbols, patterns, astrology, tarot, shamanism, and all things esoteric and metaphysical. Her sole outer spiritual teacher in this lifetime (and others), Brugh Joy, told her when she...

Writer #1741
Goose Creek, SC
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
4/4/2011 10/26/2016 1,274 47
Stephanie majored in Philosophy at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. Her concentrations were 'Eastern Philosophy and Religious Thought' and 'Ethics.' She has written extensively on a wide variety of topics within the Spirituality niche...

Writer #5254
Herndon, VA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
5/17/2012 10/27/2016 1,199 19
Vonda S. has written weekly newsletters, monthly bulletins, non-fiction articles, and op-ed pieces for large parishes, an order of nuns, online sites, and popular print publications such as Catholic Digest. As a Benedictine Oblate, she is a lay...

Writer #4390
Stuart , FL
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
10/28/2011 10/26/2016 2,183 31
Sharon writes about and engages in many practices that have a spiritual component, including religion, faith, yoga, meditation and Reiki energy healing. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher and a Reiki Master. She has also learned about how cultures and...

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