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Writer #3862
Milwaukee, WI
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8/9/2011 10/20/2016 1,626 33
Aurora H. has worked in scientific research for nearly a decade. This includes experience in a basic science laboratory studying insect physiology as well as her current research in the area of brain imaging as a biomarker of age-related cognitive...

Writer #5875
Lowell, IN
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8/11/2012 10/20/2016 1,424 28
As a research scientist, Phillip is continuously increasing his knowledge and understanding of important topics in the field of science. During his time as a professional writer, he has written over 100 science-related blog posts, informational...

Writer #2123
Portland, OR
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4/4/2011 10/20/2016 2,429 40
Ethan specializes in interpretive writing on natural history, ecology, physical geography, geology, wildlife, and botany, informed by his academic background in ecology and geography and his lifelong passion for the natural world. He's written...

Writer #7288
Stotts City, MO
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7/8/2013 10/20/2016 1,884 41
Cathleen has a Master of Science in Plant Science, with her thesis on acclimating tea plants to Missouri winter weather. She is the editor & co-author on wild edibles & medicinals (scientific studies references) and is a co-founder of the...

Writer #3936
Ann Arbor, MI
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8/21/2011 10/20/2016 636 8
Thanks to his engineering background, Nigel finds it easy to explain complex scientific ideas in simple terms. Recent articles include discussions of the processes behind ocean acidification, the manufacture of plastics and how helium is distilled.

Writer #2291
Lincoln, NE
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
1/18/2011 10/20/2016 1,804 49
Darla developed a love for science, and especially biology, in her freshman year of high school and continued the study during her tertiary education. As a writer, she incorporates that love into articles about the environment, green living and...

Writer #8054
Spring, TX
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
10/26/2013 10/20/2016 1,710 31
Marilyn K does not pretend to be a professional scientist, but she does enjoy watching Cosmos and scanning popular science websites that discuss everything from the evolution of mankind to warnings about climate change. She also enjoys science...

Writer #4949
Fullerton, CA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
3/8/2012 10/20/2016 3,219 126
Dave C. has written on science topics for numerous print publications and online sites, including Popular Science, Wired, OMNI, Final Frontier, Ad Astra, Space News, and Diabetes Interview.

Writer #2094
Charlotte, NC
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
4/4/2011 10/20/2016 1,743 11
Amanda's articles on wildlife have focused primarily on endangered species and conservation efforts. She has written several articles on various aspects of the endangered African wild dog. She has also written articles on non-threatened wildlife...

Writer #6825
Ingram, TX
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
4/13/2013 10/20/2016 488 34
Science questions are among the most interesting of all, and will never all be answered, since new ones keep emerging from answers to the old ones. Dan has written a few very brief, but very well received, informative articles of a scientific...

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