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Writer #7288
Stotts City, MO
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7/8/2013 10/24/2016 1,891 41
Cathleen has over 20 years' experience in beadwork and jewelry techniques including bead stringing, bead weaving, wire working, Native American beadworking styles. She is an avid glassworker, using a torch or kiln, and produces lovely, organic...

Writer #4762
Mill City, OR
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
1/26/2012 10/24/2016 2,261 37
Leslie's substantive and authoritative articles cover topics like leading craft activities with children, craft ideas, and crafts made from a variety of mediums like clay, art papers, fabrics, beads and paint. To write her how-to articles and...

Writer #2146
Tampa, FL
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
1/8/2011 10/23/2016 1,268 14
Vickie works with creating silk and dried flower crafts. She has done this for several years as a hobby and a small cottage business selling original pieces at craft shows, flea markets, yard sales, and co-workers. She currently is working on a new...

Writer #10723
Napa, CA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
11/2/2014 10/24/2016 901 5
Laura is a self-taught pique assiette mosaic artist. Since 1997, she has created all of her own self-promotional content and marketing materials, including four blogs, two web sites, and numerous virtual store and selling presences on e-commerce...

Writer #3208
Sioux Falls, SD
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
5/21/2011 10/24/2016 4,939 72
Miranda has specialized in papier-mache, homemade costumes, and eco-friendly home decor. Her work has also focused on preschool and children's crafts, as well as holiday crafting.

Writer #7510
Indianapolis, IN
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
8/9/2013 10/24/2016 4,399 61
For as long as she can remember, Danielle has been a lover of all things crafty. She specializes in creating (and occasionally selling) her own custom greeting cards. However, she's also crafted her own door wreaths, wall art, customized drink...

Writer #4020
Temple, TX
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
8/30/2011 10/23/2016 1,490 46
Susan B doesn't just have experience writing about crafts; she's done the crafts about which she most frequently writes. She and her husband started a cottage business making soy candles with all natural ingredients. Their small business has...

Writer #8100
Walhonding, OH
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
11/2/2013 10/24/2016 1,114 38
Amber enjoys working on a variety of arts and crafts. Quilting and crocheting are two of her mainstays, but she also loves to make mixed media art from recycled items like paper towel tubes, buttons and whatever else she can find. She can create...

Writer #3239
Lynnwood, WA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
5/23/2011 10/24/2016 2,143 31
Starting at an early age, Cindy has shown a love for craft project. She developed a love of working on sewing projects and latchwork rugs. She spends her free time drawing, scrapbooking, trying to learn how to crochet/knit, and sewing. When she...

Writer #3963
Manheim, PA
Rating Joined Last Login Orders Endorsements
8/24/2011 10/24/2016 3,080 95
In her free time, you'll find Jennifer crafting everything from cross-stitched pillows to painted flower pots. She's passed on her love for all things crafting to her children, and they enjoy working on paper, painted and fabric crafts together.

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