The WriterAccess Team

Byron White
Aaron Robinson
Director of Technology
Joel Wilson
Senior Web Developer
Robert Barnes
Bizdev Representative
Marian O'Brien
Onboarding Representative
Louis Roe
Talent Specialist
Lauren Cowher
Service Team Supervisor
Kristin Schiff
Enterprise Service Specialist
Kelly Molewski
Plus Service Specialist
Georgina Castellucci
Plus Service Specialist
Amanda Shea
Service Specialist
Meghan Law
Service Specialist
Kelly Pfeister
Executive Assistant
Kate Gwozdz
Marketing & Events Manager

Byron White, WriterAccess Founder and CEO

Favorite hat: Stetson, thanks to family's deep roots in Texas

ideaLaunch was founded by Byron White, one of the original content marketing revolutionaries and serial entrepreneur who balks at the word "can't." After a battle with cancer in 1992, he founded the Lost Ball Golf Tournament that's raised more than $100k for the Jimmy Fund. His giving nature is likewise noted with his proudest accomplishment, which is gainfully employing so many people over the years as an entrepreneur. This published author, popular speaker, radio and webinar host doubles as an outdoor gas grill fanatic. Working is his thrill and passion, although he strives to make it fun and does in fact cherish every minute with his wife.

Aaron Robinson, Director of Technology

Favorite hat: L.L. Bean fleece stocking cap, at least in winter "now that I have no hair"

Aaron has worked with Byron since the Web was in diapers. And with parenthood as his proudest accomplishment, he's no stranger to diapers, or even keeping a squeaky rubber duck in his desk drawer. Aaron oversees all software development, technology and innovation for the idealaunch properties, backed by impressive high-tech honors. He's twice qualified as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and his support of the online development community earned him Microsoft's honorary recognition as a Microsoft MVP. As expected, the Internet is one thing Aaron could not live without, although a daily dose of Dilbert.com runs a close second.

Joel Wilson, Senior Web Developer

Favorite hat: Panama hat, "Think Indiana Jones"

Joel may dress the adventurer in his Panama hat, but don't you dare ask him to go exploring in a place seething with snakes or without his family in tow. Raising his two young sons is his proudest accomplishment, and hanging out with them is his fave way to unwind after a brutal day. Not that this web developer gets lots of downtime. His home computer network is always buzzing, with at least 10 nodes connected at any given time. Despite his intimidating appearance and lack of stock in astrology, Joel says he's an Aquarius to a tee and, in reality, a giant Teddy bear.

Robert Barnes, Sales and Business Development

Favorite hat: Decaying Red Sox cap as proof of undying devotion to the team

Rob joined WriterAccess in February, 2014 and heads the enterprise sales and business development effort. He holds an English degree from Colby-Sawyer, where he captained the collegiate tennis team with a booming lefty serve and what might be mistaken for a backhand. Rob is currently awaiting an invitation to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he intends to complete his graduate studies.

Marian O'Brien, Onboarding Representative

Favorite hat: Oversized beanie

Marian O'Brien took the helm as a WriterAccess onboarding rep in 2015, and this fun, loyal and understanding gal is certainly up for the task. In fact, Marian may be up for just about any task based on her proudest accomplishment, which was learning to ski again after a pretty bad accident. Taking public transportation is the No. 1 thing she could do without, and she's highly unlikely to travel far without her slippers or her Brita water pitcher. "Mrs. Doubtfire" makes her laugh, stubbing a toe makes her scream, and her top way to relax is chilling out with her cat Luna.

Louis Roe, Talent Specialist

Favorite hat: Woolen hat with ear flaps and braided tassels

Don't let his young looks fool you. Louis Roe is actually a savvy guy with a keen knack for transforming most any environment into a creative and inspiring one. That's a main reason his WriterAccess internship morphed into a full-time position on our talent management team. When he's not busy motivating others, you'll find Louis on his laptop checking out cute animal videos, avoiding maddening BuzzFeeds, or otherwise enjoying music, art and dogs. He steers clear of his kitchen (too many dirty dishes!) but enjoys plenty of snacks while making art with friends to unwind. His biggest peeves are bigots and rude concert-goers, which he notes are often one in the same. And yes, he's over age 18.

Lauren Cowher, Service Team Supervisor

Favorite hat: Straw-fedora-beach-hat-thing

Lauren is known for being witty, intuitive, driven and the self-proclaimed family runt. Although she stands at 5-feet, 7-inches tall, she may as well be a thimble compared to the squad of giants from which she hails. Those giants evidently have giant brains, as Lauren's pursuits in social and visual anthropology netted her BA honors from Princeton and MA honors from Goldsmiths, University of London. She likes to unwind with a long run and/or a tall pour of Sauvignon Blanc, couldn't live without her Spotify Premium subscription, and insists her world would be a much better place without those irksome polar vortexes.

Kristin Schiff, Enterprise Service Specialist

Favorite hat: Big, floppy beach hat

A fan of puns, hockey and building awesome customer relationships, Kristin works exclusively with WriterAccess Plus clients to help them to take content marketing to its zenith. She on-boards new clients, helps set-up new projects for existing clients, and is an expert in getting content created with the high volume, quality and speed needed in today's environment. Personal interests include running, cooking, canning, and things like heading a charity for Boston's Children's Hospital. She couldn't live without her computer, would rather live without her commute, and totally gets her money's worth out of her Netflix subscription.

Kelly Molewski, Plus Service Specialist

Favorite hat: Patriots knit hat with the pompom on top

Kelly Molewski joined the WriterAccess team as a Plus Service specialist in 2015, bringing along her warm and friendly vibe. While Kelly may be self-admittedly short in stature, she's big on comfort and taste. Her proudest accomplishment is perfecting her caramelized onion recipe, and her crockpot ranks as her most-used appliance. She believes a spoonful of honey is the perfect mid-day treat, so stashing a bottle in her desk drawer is a must. Comfort at home comes from her mounds of pillows and fuzzy blankets, although she could certainly do without her disorganized closet. Sushi and wine help her unwind after a crummy day.

Georgina Castellucci, Plus Service Specialist

Favorite hat: Slouchy cashmere beanie (for its stylish yet laidback vibe)

One of the first things you'll note about Georgina is that she's always smiling. The second is her adaptable nature that has allowed her to acclimate herself at WriterAccess in 2014 with ease. She is upbeat, meticulous and creative with a soft spot for animals. Destined to become a writer, she was the first in her preschool to learn to read, quickly establishing herself as the class bookworm within one of the top school systems in Massachusetts before double majoring in Philosophy and Public Policy. Though she maintains herself as a healthy living advocate, Georgina is quite the foodie, eating her way through some of the best and most unique restaurants Boston and Cambridge has to offer.

Amanda Shea, Service Specialist

Favorite hat: Beanie

Puppies, snakes and dark chocolate all have a place in Amanda's life. The first makes her laugh, the second makes her scream, and the third is something she simply can't live without. This self-proclaimed tree-hugging vegan joined the WriterAccess team in 2014, quickly stocking her desk with hemp superfood snacks. Perhaps not surprisingly, her ideal way to unwind is with yoga and herbal tea. The fix must work wonders since Amanda was sharp enough to graduate college as a double major and never loses her edge for snapping up the coolest sunglasses. She could do without angry people, but certainly not without her laptop or NutriBullet.

Meghan Law, Service Specialist

Favorite hat: Patriots cap with the throwback logo

With the proud accomplishment of learning to cook and a desk drawer that contains Silly Putty, Meghan Law joined the WriterAccess crew in 2015. The Silly Putty serves as a stress reliever, as does a craft beer and neighborhood walk with her two dogs if Meghan needs to further unwind. Unwinding may not be all that necessary, as Meghan is one of those easy-going, outdoorsy, positive people that always seem to be smiling. Having two highly entertaining pooches doesn’t hurt, nor does her ongoing habit of enjoying good music. This animal lover and frequent traveler could live without traffic but not without her GPS.

Kelly Pfeister, Executive Assistant

Favorite hat: Can't wear them. "They don't work with my head, period."

Kelly's daring nature propelled her to take a chance moving from New York to Boston after graduation, and it's been paying off sweetly. Her joining our WriterAccess team in 2014 is part of that sweetness, as is her discovery of Boston Harbor as an awesome place to shake off a crummy day. Watching "You've Got Mail" runs a close second, especially since Kelly aspires to be like the movie's director Nora Ephron. Kelly has already started making a name for herself with her photography skills, with several of her photos making it into The New York Times. Kindness and friendships keep her thriving, and she has a keen eye for finding the silver lining in any situation.

Kate Gwozdz, Marketing & Events Manager

Favorite hat: Pair of black and white knit winter headbands

With quick learning skills and an even quicker wit, Kate Gwozdz joined the WriterAccess team in 2015. While her brain is revved up to handle complexities, Kate has a penchant for the simpler things in life. Like Sally, her 1970s red road bike. Or unwinding by binge watching “Friends” with her favorite Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt. She’s also a fan of smoothies and cooking, with the most-used items in her home as her blender and chef’s knife. This world traveler has been to 13 countries, reads at least five books at a time, makes a mean vegetarian chili and is never surprised when she’s mistaken for Kelly Clarkson.

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