The WriterAccess Team

Byron White
Aaron Robinson
Director of Technology
Lauren Cowher
Director of Customer Success
Ginna Hall
Director of Marketing
Dan Mackey
VP of Operations
Laura Pepitone
Global Account Manager
Greg Hunt
Talent Marketing Manager
Meghan Law
Talent Management Specialist
Kristin Schiff
Enterprise Account Manager and IT Project Manager
Kelly Molewski
Senior Account Manager
Georgina Castellucci
Senior Account Manager
Conor Garrison
Customer Success Specialist
Lexi Conceicao
Product Specialist
Kelly Pfeister
Community Manager
Wenpin Li
Graphic Designer

Byron White, WriterAccess Founder and CEO

Favorite hat: Stetson, thanks to family's deep roots in Texas

ideaLaunch was founded by Byron White, one of the original content marketing revolutionaries and serial entrepreneur who balks at the word "can't." After a battle with cancer in 1992, he founded the Lost Ball Golf Tournament that's raised more than $100k for the Jimmy Fund. His giving nature is likewise noted with his proudest accomplishment, which is gainfully employing so many people over the years as an entrepreneur. This published author, popular speaker, radio and webinar host doubles as an outdoor gas grill fanatic. Working is his thrill and passion, although he strives to make it fun and does in fact cherish every minute with his wife.

Aaron Robinson, Director of Technology

Favorite hat: L.L. Bean fleece stocking cap, at least in winter "now that I have no hair"

Aaron has worked with Byron since the Web was in diapers. And with parenthood as his proudest accomplishment, he's no stranger to diapers, or even keeping a squeaky rubber duck in his desk drawer. Aaron oversees all software development, technology and innovation for the idealaunch properties, backed by impressive high-tech honors. He's twice qualified as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and his support of the online development community earned him Microsoft's honorary recognition as a Microsoft MVP. As expected, the Internet is one thing Aaron could not live without, although a daily dose of Dilbert.com runs a close second.

Lauren Cowher, Director of Customer Success

Favorite hat: Straw-fedora-beach-hat-thing

Lauren joined WriterAccess in 2014 and is currently responsible for managing operations and performance of the company's growing Customer Success division, as well as her own portfolio of Plus and Enterprise level clients in the platform.

Prior to joining WriterAccess, she spent 2.5 years at global PR firm Edelman, contributing as a member of both the Health and Brand Stewardship practices. During that time, she specialized in project management, communications strategy and integrated media relations for pharmaceutical clients including Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company, Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Lauren holds an MA (Honors) in Visual Anthropology from Goldsmiths, University of London, a BA (Cum Laude) in Anthropology from Princeton University and on most weekdays, a Grande Lat-A (Vanilla) from Starbucks.

Ginna Hall, Director of Marketing

Favorite hat: Retro straw fedora for keeping cool in the summer

An experienced writer and editor, Ginna joined the WriterAccess team in 2015. She manages a small team that produces big results using the tools and tactics of content marketing, events, paid search, social media, and email.

Prior to joining WriterAccess, Ginna was a freelance writer for 15 years and has helped start-ups, non-profits, and agencies develop strategic messages and execute effective communications that connect with audiences of all types.

Although she has a BA in Psychology from Smith College and an MA in Communications from Boston University, this writing pro can never remember the difference between affect and effect.

Dan Mackey, VP of Operations

Favorite hat: Boston Red Sox blue and green hat from Fenway Park

Dan is a customer-focused, revenue-oriented technology professional, a creative problem solver with a track record of maximizing opportunities via innovation and technology. He has had repeated success building and aligning teams and managing the architecture and integration of sales, marketing, and technology platforms and processes. Prior to joining WriterAccess, Dan held leadership positions with multiple companies in the Boston startup community, and has consulted on cross-functional business and technical integration. A graduate of Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, he has a dual degree in electrical and computer engineering with business and biomedical minors.

Laura Pepitone, Global Account Manager

Favorite hat: Sun hat for tropical island getaways

Laura, a Dutch native, joined the WriterAccess team in 2015. She oversees the translation department, adding an international dimension to our fast-growing company by connecting vetted translators worldwide to companies looking to implement multilingual marketing.

Previously, Laura was a translation project manager in The Netherlands working for prestigious European publishing houses and international companies for almost six years.

Laura holds a MS in Journalism from Columbia University, and at Utrecht University she received a MA in International Relations and a BA in Language and Culture Studies.

Greg Hunt, Talent Marketing Manager

Favorite hat: Helmet for biking around the city

Armed with a keen eye for detail, penchant for no-nonsense black coffee and a bicycle, Greg Hunt became part of the WriterAccess team in 2015. His keen eye for detail ensured he saw every episode of the "X-Files" in sequential order, an achievement of which he's most proud. His penchant for coffee ensured all efforts to quit the stuff over the past decade failed miserably. And his bicycle, well, that gets him around town. Flying cockroaches make him scream, pizza parties help him reboot after a crummy day, and Michigan losing to Ohio State makes him laugh – each and every time.

Meghan Law, Talent Management Specialist

Favorite hat: Patriots cap with the throwback logo

With the proud accomplishment of learning to cook and a desk drawer that contains Silly Putty, Meghan Law joined the WriterAccess crew in 2015. The Silly Putty serves as a stress reliever, as does a craft beer and neighborhood walk with her two dogs if Meghan needs to further unwind. Unwinding may not be all that necessary, as Meghan is one of those easy-going, outdoorsy, positive people that always seem to be smiling. Having two highly entertaining pooches doesn't hurt, nor does her ongoing habit of enjoying good music. This animal lover and frequent traveler could live without traffic but not without her GPS.

Kristin Schiff, Enterprise Account Manager and IT Project Manager

Favorite hat: Big, floppy beach hat

A fan of puns, hockey and building awesome customer relationships, Kristin works exclusively with WriterAccess Plus clients to help them to take content marketing to its zenith. She on-boards new clients, helps set-up new projects for existing clients, and is an expert in getting content created with the high volume, quality and speed needed in today's environment. Personal interests include running, cooking, canning, and things like heading a charity for Boston's Children's Hospital. She couldn't live without her computer, would rather live without her commute, and totally gets her money's worth out of her Netflix subscription.

Kelly Molewski, Senior Account Manager

Favorite hat: Patriots knit hat with the pompom on top

Kelly Molewski joined the WriterAccess team as a Plus Service specialist in 2015, bringing along her warm and friendly vibe. While Kelly may be self-admittedly short in stature, she's big on comfort and taste. Her proudest accomplishment is perfecting her caramelized onion recipe, and her crockpot ranks as her most-used appliance. She believes a spoonful of honey is the perfect mid-day treat, so stashing a bottle in her desk drawer is a must. Comfort at home comes from her mounds of pillows and fuzzy blankets, although she could certainly do without her disorganized closet. Sushi and wine help her unwind after a crummy day.

Georgina Castellucci, Senior Account Manager

Favorite hat: Slouchy cashmere beanie (for its stylish yet laidback vibe)

One of the first things you'll note about Georgina is that she's always smiling. The second is her adaptable nature that has allowed her to acclimate herself at WriterAccess in 2014 with ease. She is upbeat, meticulous and creative with a soft spot for animals. Destined to become a writer, she was the first in her preschool to learn to read, quickly establishing herself as the class bookworm within one of the top school systems in Massachusetts before double majoring in Philosophy and Public Policy. Though she maintains herself as a healthy living advocate, Georgina is quite the foodie, eating her way through some of the best and most unique restaurants Boston and Cambridge has to offer.

Conor Garrison, Customer Success Specialist

Favorite hat: Light Blue Supreme Camp Cap

Conor joined WriterAccess in 2016 as Customer Success Specialist. He helps our Self-Service customers and writers be successful by providing platform support via Live Chat and Help Desk. Previously, Conor worked in Operations/Support for other Boston-based tech companies. He has a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He has also performed improvisational comedy for 8+ years and is a resident cast member at ImprovBoston in Cambridge, MA.

Lexi Conceicao, Product Specialist

Favorite hat: Bruins snapback cap from NHL store in NYC

The toaster and the ceiling fan are the two most-used items in the home of Lexi Conceicao, an outgoing, complicated, music-loving gal who joined the WriterAccess team in 2015. The toaster is for warming up her much-loved bagels and breads while the ceiling fan’s for keeping her cool. Lexi’s proudest accomplishment is a cross-country trip she took with her best friend, and she never fails to laugh when she hears babies laugh. She digs her alone time, binge-watches TV to unwind, and receives comments galore on her striking green eyes.

Kelly Pfeister, Community Manager

Favorite hat: Can't wear them. "They don't work with my head, period."

Kelly's daring nature propelled her to take a chance moving from New York to Boston after graduation, and it's been paying off sweetly. Her joining our WriterAccess team in 2014 is part of that sweetness, as is her discovery of Boston Harbor as an awesome place to shake off a crummy day. Watching "You've Got Mail" runs a close second, especially since Kelly aspires to be like the movie's director Nora Ephron. Kelly has already started making a name for herself with her photography skills, with several of her photos making it into The New York Times. Kindness and friendships keep her thriving, and she has a keen eye for finding the silver lining in any situation.

Wenpin Li, Graphic Designer

Favorite hat: Red Sox and Yankee game caps

People see her as enthusiastic or even kind of kooky, and we see Wenpin Li one heck of a graphic designer who joined the WriterAccess team in 2015. Wenpin had the gumption to come to the US on her own, a feat that makes her most proud. Faith keeps her going while a big feast, movie and a good sleep help her reboot after a crummy day. Her sauté pan and chopsticks are the most-used items in her kitchen, but her laptop takes most-used item honors in her home. Watching herself perform or dance on stage has a way of making her scream.

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