The WriterAccess Team

Byron White
Aaron Robinson
Director of Technology
Glen Jackman
Marketing Specialist
Robert Barnes
Bizdev Representative
Mia Coen
Content Strategist
Charlotte Garden
Content Strategist
Kristin Schiff
Account Manager
Allison Lynch
Support Specialist

Byron White, WriterAccess Founder and CEO

Favorite hat: Stetson, thanks to family's deep roots in Texas

ideaLaunch was founded by Byron White, one of the original content marketing revolutionaries and serial entrepreneur who balks at the word "can't." After a battle with cancer in 1992, he founded the Lost Ball Golf Tournament that's raised more than $100k for the Jimmy Fund. His giving nature is likewise noted with his proudest accomplishment, which is gainfully employing so many people over the years as an entrepreneur. This published author, popular speaker, radio and webinar host doubles as an outdoor gas grill fanatic. Working is his thrill and passion, although he strives to make it fun and does in fact cherish every minute with his wife.

Aaron Robinson, Director of Technology

Favorite hat: L.L. Bean fleece stocking cap, at least in winter "now that I have no hair"

Aaron has worked with Byron since the Web was in diapers. And with parenthood as is proudest accomplishment, he's no stranger to diapers, or even keeping a squeaky rubber duck in his desk drawer. Aaron oversees all software development, technology and innovation for the idealaunch properties, backed by impressive high-tech honors. He's twice qualified as a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and his support of the online development community earned him Microsoft's honorary recognition as a Microsoft MVP. As expected, the Internet is one thing Aaron could not live without, although a daily dose of runs a close second.

Glen Jackman, Marketing Specialist

Favorite hat: "Not a hat person" but learned to wear a marketing chapeau

With honors that include receiving the Mio Davis Marketing Scholarship in 2011 and graduating cum laude from Suffolk University in 2012, Glen is one smart dude. He's also an ambitious one, working his way up the career ladder since joining the team in 2011 as an intern. He's currently the go-to marketing representative within ideaLaunch and WriterAccess, overseeing a batch of interns, vendors and circus acts. He's fond of Grumpy Cat, being outdoors and couldn't live without pockets. The tall, thin and always-hungry man keeps a ready stash of granola bars (and Band-Aids) in his desk.

Robert Barnes, Sales and Business Development

Favorite hat: Deteriorated Red Sox cap that proves undying devotion to the team

Robert joined the WriterAccess team in 2014 as the sales and business development rep, but his unique brand of quirkiness makes it seem like he's been here for eons. When he's not busy devising creative ways to enhance business, you'll find him watching "The Office," laughing at "The Office" or wishing he were watching and laughing at "The Office." Other sources of enjoyment include his love-hate relationship with Facebook and the rocking guitar he built a couple of summers back. He'll readily admit to a penchant for playing pool, a fascination with the garbage disposal and the need for an intervention to quash his addiction to fantasy baseball.

Mia Coen, Content Strategist

Favorite hat: Doesn't wear hats, but merits the crown as resident content queen

As WriterAccess's resident content queen, Mia truly earned her crown - and perhaps even keys to the kingdom. After graduating from UMass with an English and Professional Writing degree, this highly driven pro honed her skills managing freelancers, editorial calendars and digital content at a small print publishing firm. She was adopted by ideaLaunch in 2011, and currently manages the talent and editorial teams at WriterAccess. She is fiercely proud of her independence, lives by the tenet that "life is good," and enjoys a smooth glass of pinot noir to reboot after a daunting day.

Charlotte Garden, Content Strategist

Favorite hat: White ski hat with pom-pom on top

As the content strategist who hopped on the WriterAccess bandwagon in 2014, Charlotte knows a thing or two about content. Even the Wall Street Journal thinks so, once interviewing her because of her kick-butt blog. Her blog is not the only area where she kicks butt, thanks to her penchant for exercising to unwind. Charlotte describes herself as creative, driven and happy, although it's unclear if these traits are innate or come from the magic talisman in her desk drawer. "Portlandia" makes her laugh, spiders make her scream and she'd be lost without her Keurig machine.

Kristin Schiff, Account Manager

Favorite hat: Big, floppy beach hat

A fan of puns, hockey and building awesome customer relationships, Kristin works exclusively with WriterAccess Plus clients to help them to take content marketing to it's zenith. She on-boards new clients, helps set-up new projects for existing clients, and is an expert in getting content created with the high volume, quality and speed needed in today's environment. Personal interests include running, cooking, canning, and things like heading a charity for Boston's Children's Hospital. She couldn't live without her computer, would rather live without her commute, and totally gets her money's worth out of her Netflix subscription.

Allison Lynch, Support Specialist

Favorite hat: Fedora. 100%.

With a degree in Creative Writing and Fine Arts that backs up her right-brain affinities, Allison makes one clever Support Specialist. She joined the WriterAccess team in 2013, working with freelance writers and clients to manage the content market workflow. Qualifying for the 2013 Boston Marathon is high on her list of accomplishments, as is supporting the victims of the subsequent terrorist attack. Her downtime includes creating vibrant, abstract paintings, running with the Greater Boston Track Club, writing for local running magazines, and grooving to sitar music.