Conference Call

Can I call a writer?

WriterAccess has a Conference Call feature that allows you to communicate with writers. The feature allows you to set up a call with a writer, talk about your orders, and get a recording of the call after it’s completed that can be attached to your orders.

Note that Section 9 of our Terms of Use states that communication with writers outside of the platform is not allowed; therefore our conference call feature keeps both phone numbers confidential by providing a conference bridge.

The first step is to Enable the Conference Call Feature:

  1. Go to Platform Setup > Feature Config.
  2. Then turn on the Conference Call Feature.
  3. Then go to Platform Setup > Conference Calls.
  4. Check off the box I agree to 50¢ per minute fee, and then click Get My Number Now.

The second step is to schedule a meeting time with a writer. There are two different ways to Schedule a Conference Call: On a Writer’s Profile or from the Conference Call Page.

Conference Calls Page:


  1. Go to Platform Setup > Conference Calls > Step 2: Schedule Call.
  2. Select your Writer from the drop down list. Note that you can only select writers on your Love List.
  3. Add your Subject and Message with your meeting time and click Schedule Call. This message will automatically send the writer their call in number and pin.

The next step is to call into your conference line at your scheduled time.

  1. Go to Platform Setup > Conference Calls > Step 3: Call.
  2. Dial into the number with your phone, Press: 2, and then use the Writer PIN of the writer you’re trying to call.

  1. Have a conversation with the writer about your project and hang up the phone.
  2. Once you’ve completed your call, you and the writer will get a message with a MP3 recording of the call.