Voice Recordings

Can I record my order instructions?

* This feature will be coming to WriterAccess 4.0 shortly!

WriterAccess has a Voice Recording feature that allows you to record your instructions and attach them to an order. It’s similar to the Conference Call feature because you need to achieve Plus Service Status, activate the feature, and then dial into your bridge number.

The first step is to Activate the Conference Call and Recording Feature:

  1. Go to Communication > Voice Instructions.
  2. Read over the tab Step 1: Activate Voice Instructions Line.
  3. Check off the box I agree to 15¢ per minute fee, and then click Get My Number Now.
  4. The information in tab Step 2: Call shows you your conference call information.

The next step is to Call into the bridge number and record your instructions.

  1. Go to Communication > Voice Instructions > Step 2: Call.
  2. Dial the number, Press 1, and then enter your PIN number.

Voice Instructions
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Voice Instructions

  1. Record your instructions and hang up the phone.
  2. You can manage your recordings at Communication > Voice Recordings.
  3. You have the ability to manage Visible Recordings and Hidden Recordings which are not able to be attached to orders or sent through messages.
  4. You can also Listen to the recording, Hide, Unhide, or Delete your recordings.

The next step is to Attach your recording to an order.

  1. Go to Step 10 on an order form.
  2. Go to the right hand box, Attach from File Library and select your recording.

Attach Voice Recording
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Attach Voice Recording

  1. Complete the order form and click Confirm Order.