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In simplest terms, a Creative Brief is a framework or foundation that informs a writer of guidelines for your content project. It contains a well-identified and articulate summary of the key factors that can impact a project: company background, target audience details, competitive intelligence, and brand goals. The best creative briefs are concise and to the point. That's where our Creative Brief Wizard comes in!

Answer a few questions about your content guidelines and specifications, and then download the brief and attach it to your orders.

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1 of 6: General Information

Name your Creative Brief for reference.

Please summarize, in one or two sentences, details of what content assets you want to produce.

Please select all future order types to which this Creative Brief might apply.


2 of 6: Company Information

Please describe your company product or service, and your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.

Select from the list, choose Other if needed.

Scale the brand voice for your company to help writers infuse your brand into the content they're creating.
Simple Complex
Authoritative Humorous
Feminine Masculine
Luxurious Economical
Modern Classic
Playful Serious
Loud Quiet
Subtle Obvious

Who is your competition and why are they better or worse than you?
Company How are they better or worse?

Describe your unique selling point for your company, products and/or services.
Selling Point Description


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3 of 6: Target Audience

Who will be reading this content? What do they know about your company or the topic?

Scale the proficiency level of your readership.
  Low High
Topic Knowledge
Product/Service Knowledge
Education Level

Scale your target audience on these qualities.
Know It All Undereducated
Formal Festive
Fearful Fearless
Skeptical Optimist


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4 of 6: Style and Tone

Scale the style and tone that would resonate well with readers and customers.
Informative Storytelling
Academic Slang
Static Dramatic
Boring Compelling
Dry Animated
Feed the Brain Touch the Heart

Please provide a sample of content created in the style and tone required for success.


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5 of 6: Research and Inspiration

Please list any industry publications you'd like the writer to use for reference and/or cite.
Publication Comments OK to Source?

Please list any communities or online hang outs that might offer inspiration for writers related to your content goals.
Website Inspiration/Description

Offer any bright ideas, resources or reference that might inspire research and development of high quality content.


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6 of 6: Drivers and Requirements

Explain any goals you are trying to achieve, and the main objectives for any content you are creating (engagement, traffic, listing positions, optimization, etc.)

Explain any restrictions, legal requirements or key business challenges or trends.

Is there anything else you would like to communicate to writers?


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