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The Best Rates for High Quality Content

You're in the driver's seat when it comes to pricing. The higher the star rating you select, the higher quality content you'll get. Prices range from 2 cents to $2 per word. Choose a higher star rating to pay more for projects with more complexity, visibility and research requirements.

Star Rating Price Per Word Sample
2 Cents
4 Cents
6 Cents
8 Cents
10 Cents to $2

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Spend More and Get More — Support, Benefits and Rewards

Simply get started with a Free Account and pay as you go. The more content you purchase, the more benefits, rewards and free support you'll get. Best of all, 100% of your deposits are applied to your content orders. There are no hidden costs or fees, and we charge fully transparent rates that help us attract the best writers.

$50 Spend
$2,500+ Spend
$10,000+ Spend
No Fees or Costs
Pay as You Go
100% Delight Guaranteed
Live Chat and Help Desk Support
Byron's Two Books Snail-Mailed to You
Approval Time on Orders
5 Days 7 Days 14 Days
Dedicated Account Manager
Kickoff Call to Learn Your Goals
Customized Order Template Setup
API Integration Setup and Testing
Writer Recommendations Upon Request
Platform Demo Upon Request
Special Badge on Orders to Motivate Writers
Plus Badge Enterprise Badge
Ongoing and Proactive Writer Recruitment
Managed Service (Additional Fees May Apply)
Performance Tracking Analytics (Up to 5,000 Keywords)
Content Marketing Conference, Las Vegas, May 12 to 14
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Find U.S.-Based Writers You Can Depend On

Our writers are all U.S.-based, tested, screened professionals, star-rated by skill level, performance and customer reviews. Find the perfect writers with Advanced Search in 44 industries, 6 expertise certifications, 23 content asset types and more. Access 10,000+ U.S.-based writers, and get free help and support finding the perfect writers you need on your team.

Our writers must pass online screening tests before they get from us to you, confirming they have the skill and proficiency demanded for success.

After they pass the tests, we review samples and experience, assign an initial Star Rating and approve readiness for particular industry orders.

Customers are able to rate every order completed in the platform which can raise or lower a writer's rating and price/word earnings.

Advanced Search for the Perfect Writer

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Order Anything You Need

Order anything you need with our award-winning software that makes it easy to find writers, place orders and manage workflow. Publish instantly to HubSpot, WordPress, Yahoo Stores and more.

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  • Annual Reports

  • Articles

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Content Betterment with Next-Generation Software

Your content spaceship has just arrived. Open a free account and flip the "on" button for next-generation content creation tools that are unmatched by anyone in the industry!

Content Orders
Content orders are for just about anything — articles, blog posts, book ghostwriting, copywriting, website copy, white papers, ANYTHING!
Editing Orders
You can also place orders for editing or proofreading to spruce up and polish your existing content that needs some love.
Casting Calls
Get started quickly by placing an order with Casting Call turned on, and dozens of qualified writers will apply within hours for you to select a winner.
Crowd Orders
Place orders to the crowd and ONE writer with the star rating and industry experience you demand completes the order to your specification.
Team Orders
Place an order to a team of writers that you have handpicked, and one writer picks up the order and delivers to your specifications.
Solo Orders
Place an order to a single writer, and only that writer will see your order, ensuring the consistency in quality, tone and voice you need.
Recurring Orders
Automate your marketing and workflow by turning on "Recurring Order" when you place orders. You approve the alerts and get a 2% discount on orders.
Pitch Order
Place an order with "Pitch" turn on, and writers submit topic ideas to you for your approval before execution for no additional fee.
Order Approval
Get your content delivered whenever you need it, ranging from 1 day to 1 week with no rush fees or charges.

Delivery Date
Get your content delivered whenever you need it, launching orders immediately or scheduling them to auto-launch at a later date.
Tone and Style
Communicate the tone and style for your orders with quick-pick instructions on the order form that save you tons of time.
Achieve higher quality goals by turning on "Rulesets" that writers must complete and check off before they present the work for your approval.
Voice Messaging
Communicate exacting details by leaving a voice messages that magically attach to your order, helping writers get the order right the first time. Oh, and it's FREE!
Conference Call
Get on the same page with writers by setting up a conference call using our magic conference bridge that records the call and attaches it to the order.
Author Attribution
Most of our writing is done as ghostwriting, but some customers request usage of the writer's actual name and authority. This can be requested and arranged on 6-Star orders only.
Drop in your "required" and "optional" keywords on any order, and writers will optimize the content, with our engines confirming the keyword usage and density.
Image Orders
Only WriterAccess offers access to 10 million images you can purchase for only $2.75 per image. You can also request that writers find a free image for you as part of the order.
Load up the keywords for optimization, and quickly drag those keywords into your orders for either required and suggested usage in the order, all checked by our technology.

Delight 100% Guaranteed

Peace of mind is yours with a hassle-free refund option. If you're not delighted with any content order, request unlimited revisions. Still not happy? Don't pay. Instant, no-hassle refund. Period.

More than 13,000 customers and 10,000 writers have trusted WriterAccess for $8.3 million in transactions to date.
97% Delighted
97% of our customers would recommend WriterAccess to friends, colleagues or others.
Fastest Growing
WriterAccess made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the United States in 2014.
BBB Online Rated
WriterAccess has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, without a single complaint in 10 years.

Fanatical Support When You Need It

No pesky sales reps bother you here. Instead, you get amazing support if and when you need it. That's our sweet secret sauce and recipe for an average of 50% organic growth for the last five years.

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