Contribute to the WriterAccess Blog

Earn some dough for what you know and become a contributor to the WriterAccess blog! It’s a great way to connect with clients looking for A-List writers like you.

Why write a Post for WriterAccess

Thousands of writers are a part of the WriterAccess community. Clients refer to the WriterAccess blog to see samples of work published by our writers. Each blog post links directly to the writer’s profile, where clients can learn more about their background. Clients can then add that featured writer to their Love Lists, which can lead to more freelance writing assignments. Plus, you get paid to showcase your work on our page!

What we’re looking for

We want to change the way our readers think about content creation, storytelling, hiring freelance writers, and working with freelance writers like you. That means introducing them to the content marketing process, content creation methodology, content optimization secrets, and best writing practices—all created and developed by our community of writers. If your blog post can do that, we’ll publish and pay for it.

What we’re not looking for

There are hundreds of articles, blog posts, and resources for web writing. There are also writers who want to publish and distribute content on multiple blogs in multiple channels. However, we are not a content distribution channel. We will not accept any work that has been previously published. Anywhere. Only original work is accepted, approved, and paid for.

How to write a Post for WriterAccess

Apply to become a writer at WriterAccess. Once your application is approved and in our system, you’ll be able to be considered for a featured writer post.

Start by taking a look at our blog. Browse the categories and tags we have listed. See a topic missing that you want to contribute? Submit your idea(s) or proposal(s) to us ( for consideration. We try to review submissions twice a week, but it may take longer. Patience is a virtue.

If chosen, we’ll create an assignment in WriterAccess for you so you can submit your post. Write boldly and in your own voice, but please refer to our style guide for guidelines on format and house style. Verify your information and cite sources when you need to.

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