Partner Program
If you plan on spending more than $10,000 per year on content, you'll qualify for our partner program. We'll help transform your business, agency, consultancy or firm into a content marketing machine—all FREE!

The Partner Program in a Nutshell

Program Summary

01 Content Consultation
Join the Partner Program for free, and we'll host a consultation call to learn more about your infastructure and content goals. We'll show you and/or your team around the platform, and put together a proposal that delivers on all your requirements.

02 Test
Once everyone is on the same page with pricing, workflow and goals, we'll launch a test drive with a few writers to motivate you to move forward with the Partner Program.

03 Fanatical Support
We'll assigned a dedicated Success Manager to your account with sheparding skills for content marketing success. They'll make sure writers stay on track, help setup orders and rulesets, look over the workflow, track content performance and be available for consulation all-the-time.

04 Performance and Results
We'll "turn on" all the free tools that track content performance and help make workflow management and integration easy with Google Analytics, SpyFu(SERP tracking),, HubSpot, WordPress, Yahoo Stores, Droople, Compendium and many more.

Partner Program Tiers

It's pretty simple, really. Spend more, and get more benefits, rewards, resources and free support along the way. Best of all, there are no hidden costs or fees: 100% of your deposits are applied to content orders.

Content Marketing Books Mailed to Your Team
Content Marketing Resource Library
Free Performance Tools, Analytics and Wizards
Customized Platform Setup and Support
Agency Directory Listing
Co-Create Content Marketing Assets
Co-Host Content Marketing Webinar
Co-Host Content Marketing Local Events
Volume Discount: Cash Bonus with Deposits
API Customization, Integration and Tech Support
Collaborate and Network with Content Marketers
Content Marketing Workshop
1/2 Day Online Optional In-Office
Content Marketing Conference (CMC)
1 Full Conference Pass

Customize the Platform Just For You

Your content marketing spaceship has just arrived. We'll assign a dedicated Plus Manager to your account to help navigate the platform and turn on next-generation plug-ins and tools that are customized for your needs and workflow.

API Integration
Configure API integration to push content from WriterAccess directly to your clients' sites.
Each team member can have a separate account under one master account that has access to all.
Separate monthly billing summaries for each of your clients helps you keep the bills flowing accurately.
Optimize content quickly and easily with separate keyword groups saved for each of your customers. Just drag and drop into orders.
Approval Time
We know it takes a bit longer to get content approved by clients, so we extend delivery time on orders, allowing you to get the feedback you need.
To achieve higher-quality goals, you can turn on Rulesets to specify details on orders that must be "checked off" before delivery.
Bulk Uploads
Map out your content orders in Excel, customized with all the specs and rules you need, and bulk upload to save time.
Brief Wizard
Send your clients to our white-label site to specify their brand's tone, style and audience. The brief can then be added to orders in a snap.
Track the performance of the content you publish on your clients' websites with special analytics technology that helps guide content strategy.

Content Marketing Intensified Workshop For Agencies

Join our Content Marketing Intensified Workshop for Agencies offered both online and on-site. WriterAccess CEO Byron White leads the training along with Lauren Cowher, our director of content services. The half-day workshop enlightens you and your team on the infrastructure, workflow and key assets required to sell and deliver content marketing services and solutions.

Review various content marketing proposals and learn the language to describe the service and WIN the business, clarifying who does what, when and why. Learn why process and performance are key.
Review how agencies are set up to deliver and scale content marketing services. See how your agency rates, and get the blueprint for hiring, including job descriptions and skills required for workflow success.
Content Plans
Learn to craft content plans for your customers and map the plan for success. Content planning is at the core of delivering the performance that customers demand. You'll review a 400-hour plan developed for B2B customers that sets the bar high.
Content marketing is a team sport. How does your team stack up? Learn the players you'll need to crank out a high volume of content and how much you should pay for different levels of quality work by freelance writers to economically scale your business.
Tools and Platforms
Quickly review the latest and best platforms to keep the steady stream of content flowing to your clients’ websites. Receive a list of the top 100 content marketing tools with discount offers for test drives, with Q&A to follow.
Freelancer Management
Learn to onboard writers to the goals and requirements for orders. You'll hear secrets on how to acclimate writers to the tone, style and needs of your customers so you can "turn on the machine" without hassle.
Discuss moving beyond "traffic" or even "engagement" goals to "conversion" and "revenue" goals tied to ongoing campaigns in multiple channels and stages in the buy cycle.
Getting to YES!
Many clients are resistant to investing in content marketing services. Learn how to sell process and performance rather than assets to make an irresistible case for investing in content marketing.

Agency Directory

For agencies, consultants and digital marketing firms selling content marketing services, we want to help you grow your business with exposure to thousands of companies that trust WriterAccess. Partners get a free listing in our Agency Directory.


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