Agency Features

You need a trusted content partner for white label solutions that truly make clients sizzle. And loyal writers that nail it every time. Enjoy it all with WriterAccess for Agencies. Our super-charged platform does in seconds what would take you days or weeks. You get the WriterAccess Plus features tailored to fit agency needs, topped with exclusive agency features and support for no additional fees.

Our White Label Team Does All of the Heavy Lifting

Your dedicated team of professionals helps you establish the workflow for each of your clients. We have resources like CreativeBriefWizard to pull in custom info for content creation. Then we help design the templates you need to keep content flowing monthly, producing major results with minimal sweat.

Account Manager
AM's support your editors, SEO specialists and content strategist. They keep the content flowing and orders going. Ocean views keep them chipper, energized and eager to please all-the-time (within reason, of course.)

Content Strategist
Some of your clients might fancy coaching from one of our content strategists, assigned to your account. Their job is to ensure that goals and specifications are on course, so your clients cross the finish line every time.

Talent Manager/Editor
When it comes to quality control, there's a new sheriff in town. Your editor/talent manager keeps the quality of your clients' content at its zenith, massaging a bit here, unknotting another bit there and making sure any new talent is aligned with the goals.
WriterAccess Plus Gets You the Checkered Flag
You Us
Onboard Call
Team Kickoff Call
Discuss Project Goals
Discuss Writer Requirements
Demo of Platform
Recommend Writers
Setup Content Analytics
Setup First Orders for Test
Approve First Order Tests
Setup Cruise Control (Optional)
Setup Publishing API (Optional)
Setup Custom Features (Optional)
Approve Orders
Multi-Client Editorial Calendar: Content Planning on Steroids

Get an instant overview of each and every client's activity with a multi-client Editorial Calendar. At a glance you'll see what's already been published on Facebook, Twitter and their blog while you post new ideas for the taking. You'll see how easy it is to transform ideas into orders, replete with desired keywords, and assign to your writers. Content planning and optimization that used to devour tons of time becomes a quick and painless process.

Content Analytics is like a GPS for Content Marketing

If you equate the word "analytics" to "headache" then you haven't yet met the Content Analytics feature built right into the editorial calendar. Optimizing content and tracking its performance for EACH CLIENT is suddenly a piece of cake (and dare we say fun?)

White Label Monthly Reports

Call it super-white label, super-high tech or just plain super, you can send out monthly reports to each client with your brand on the header. Reports fuel you and your clients with how much content they've published, and what impact it's having on traffic, listing positions and conversions.

API Integration

Take a few minutes to set up API integration for each client and your performance-tracking capabilities suddenly explode. Data sources and partners include Google Analytics, WordPress, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, SpyFu and others. Give the software a few hours to automatically crunch all the data and it then serves up details that make you a hero.

Get Even More Advanced (if You Want)

One of the most talked about features of WriterAccess Plus is the ability to tailor the platform to each of your client's needs. Select from a bevy of advanced features you can use if and when you want them. Just give us a holler and we'll help you get any of the additional features set up and running seamlessly in record time.

Getty Images Access 10 million images and pay only $2.75/image
Recurring Templates Save TONS of time with easy-to-use templates
Voice Messaging Record instructions for writers to follow
Conference Calls Host conference calls with writers
Recruiting Help Get support in finding the perfect writers
Idea Orders Outsource ideation to writers and stop thinking so hard
Editing Orders Shuttle editing orders to our special team
API Integration Integrate directly with your own platform or tools
Approval Extension Relax with 7 day approval for no added fee